10 Exercises To Keep Your Hands Looking Youthful Always

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You may think that fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles are your worst enemy, but wait till you see how your hands are revealing your real age. Carefully examine the top of your palm. They have lines on them that were not present when you were a teenager. Now, as you age, the lines will  get deeper and sagier and make you look older than you are. Thankfully there are ways to stall the aging process without undergoing invasive surgeries. Read on to know some easy exercises that will keep your hands looking youthful and attractive.

1. Finger Lifting

Finger Lifting
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Your finger mobility and adaptability will both benefit from this exercise. Place your palm down on a table and starting with your index finger, lift each of your fingers. The muscles and tendons in your fingers should feel a nice stretch. For each hand, do this 8-12 times.

2. Flexing Thumb

Flexing Thumb
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The result of this exercise is more mobility and less hand stiffness. Start by extending your thumb. To open your palm, tuck your thumb inside it and then wiggle it back out. Do this several times on each hand.

3. Finger Tendon Glide

Finger Tendon Glide
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Tendons can be stretched and finger mobility can be increased with this workout. Get started with your fingers spread wide. Bring them toward a hook, then straighten your hand again. Then, with the fingertips bent at the joint, create a hook fist and release it. Now, create a fist with your fingers together and your thumb outside the palm. Close with a clenched fist.

4. Finger Bending

Finger Bending
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This workout can help you maintain the strength and mobility of your fingers. Extend your hand in the direction toward you so that the palm is up and the thumb is pointing upward. Keep the remainder of your fingers straight as you bend your index finger for a few seconds. Once your little finger is straight, bend the tip of it for a few seconds. Do the stretches with every finger on both hands.

5. Stretching Fingers

Stretching Fingers
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You can maintain finger strength and mobility by doing this. Pull every finger back toward your face, one at a time, while holding out the palm in front of you firmly yet softly. You’ll feel a tugging sensation from the tip of your finger all the way up your arm. Try stretching your fingers with your other hand.

6. Finger And Wrist Massage

Finger And Wrist Massage
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Doing this exercise will increase circulation to your hands. Begin massaging your hand firmly at the wrist with your thumb. Roll your thumb down your palm until it reaches the end of your little finger. Resuming from the wrist, begin massaging upward into the palm, stopping just before the base of the fingers. Keep rubbing in circular motions, moving up the arm and up the fingers and thumb.

7. Finger Web Massage

Finger Web Massage
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Apply some pressure with the tips of your fingers and thumbs to the space between the index finger and thumb. At first, it might hurt, so take it easy. Hold it for a few minutes, then swap sides and do the same thing again. Do that a couple more times. It will feel less restricted as time goes on.

8. Touch Your Thumb To Your Fingertips

Touch Your Thumb To Your Fingertips
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This is a great way to maintain the flexibility and strength of your fingers as you age. Spread your fingers wide and raise your hands. Put the tips of your thumb and finger together and push gently. Once one finger and thumb have been touched, the hand is opened back to its original position, and the process is repeated with the following finger and thumb.

9. Ulnar And Radial Deviation Of Wrist

Ulnar And Radial Deviation Of Wrist
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Doing this exercise regularly can help you maintain flexible wrist muscles and good wrist health. Support your forearm on a rolled-up towel and rest it on the bottom of a table. Move your wrist as far as you can go over the side of the working surface while keeping your thumb in a neutral position. As you stretch your wrist, you may experience some discomfort; this is normal. Several repeats of this exercise with each hand are plenty.

10. Fist Clenching

Fist Clenching
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The variety of motions that you have in your hands can be improved with the aid of this workout. Put your thumbs over the fingers and make a fist with both hands. Keep the fist closed for a full minute, then release it and stretch your fingers as far as they will go. Up to five times a day on each hand is recommended.

So now that you know how to exercise your hands the right way, nothing can stop you from looking absolutely gorgeous. So, how many of these workouts have you tried? Let us know in the comments section!

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