11 Experiences Of Brides Who Wear Chooda After Their Wedding

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Every bride awaits this moment when she finally gets her hands filled with choodas. If you are new to this term, chooda is a set of traditional red and white bangles that a bride wears for a minimum of 40 days after her wedding ceremony. It is one of the most popular traditions in Punjabi weddings and is now carried by more than just Punjabi brides. However, wearing complete sets of bangles on your hands doesn’t seem that easy to start with, and you are right; it is everything but easy! We at Stylecraze made a list of honest comments, brides with chooda have shared with us. Go on and read them to know if you are ready for the responsibility of a chooda after your wedding!

1. Doesn’t Match With Western Wear

Doesn’t Match With Western Wear
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Chooda is more than just the wedding day, and if you are going traditional, you cannot open it till 40 days after your wedding. Most of the newlyweds have their honeymoon in that time window. It might suit your wedding lehenga, but it will definitely strike odd when you team it with western clothes. So all the best running around the beach in cute shorts with chooda in hand!

2. Mismatches With The Traditional Too

Mismatches With The Traditional Too
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The traditional chooda is red and white, and no matter how hard you try, you cannot match every outfit you own with the same color scheme. The red brings all the attention to it, and no one will notice your outfit when you have a set of chooda in your hand!

3. Difficult To Sleep With


Sleeping with a bulk of bangles in hand can’t be comfortable, so the first time you try it, it will only give you sleepless nights. For starters, it will keep jingling and make your arms really heavy. Even if you manage to sleep through it, you might have bangle marks all over your hands and face!

4. Bangle Noise


The last thing you want to do is let the noise go outside the bedroom. So as newlyweds, no matter how hard you try to contain the noise, your chooda will give you away. It will keep chiming with your slightest movement and even wake your husband if he has a light sleep.

5. Struggle For Your Husband

Struggle For Your Husband
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It’s not just the bride who suffers; the groom has his fair share in it too. He will have to deal with the constant noise and manage the chooda blows while cuddling with his bride. Even by mistake, if the hand full of choodas falls on his nose while he is sleeping, God save him!

6. Winters Are Nightmare


Now that most of us prefer the winter months for getting married, it is not always a cakewalk for the bride with a dozen of choodas. For starters, pulling over a sweatshirt or sweater is a struggle with the set of choodas. Even if you manage to pull it, you will constantly be freezing with the area exposed due to the dozens of bangles.

7. The Whole House Will Know Where You Are

The Whole House Will Know Where You Are
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With the choodas on your wrist, it might feel like having a chip installed in you. No more sneaking to the kitchen to get a midnight snack or going to the washroom without alerting everyone. Also, if you were thinking you could get mushy with your husband without people knowing, that is probably not going to happen till the 40 days!

8. It Looks Irresistible

It Looks Irresistible
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Yes, it is difficult to carry, but there is something about choodas that makes brides worldwide crave to wear them. No matter where you go, it will help people know you are newly married, which calls for a lot of pampering.

9. Gives A New Identity

Gives A New Identity
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Chooda gives you a new identity of a bride. You might have earned a name with all your hard work and talent, and now with your hand covered in chooda, you are a beautiful bride starting a new life together.

10. It Makes You Happy

It Makes You Happy
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Brides who have worn choodas said that while you would feel the constant ringing annoying, it also reminds you that you are a bride. And no one can take that feeling away! Also, it makes your hands look really beautiful.

11. All Eyes On You

All Eyes On You
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Wearing a chooda can never go unnoticed! No matter which diamond bracelet your friend wears or which branded watch your husband carries, the gaze will always be stuck on your hands, all thanks to the gorgeous chooda!

So, now that you know what the drawbacks and bonuses are of wearing choodas after your wedding, making the right decision will be a problem anymore. Also, you can opt for the color of chooda that matches your wedding lehenga. If you want yours to be different, you can experiment with glitters and stripes too. Make sure you keep the chooda box nicely because once you open them after 40 days, they need to be kept nicely. So, now that we hear the wedding bells ringing, what is your final take on this? Choodas or no choodas? Let us know in the comments below!

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