6 Expert Tips To Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping

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An old saying goes, ‘A woman is completely harmless and does not believe in violence; until her nail polish dries.’ JK! But anyone who has invested time and money in manicures, a calcium-rich diet, and nail care kits will tell you how much gorgeously painted nails mean to them. Even though taking care of nails can be done at home, one thing that troubles every nail paint enthusiast is how quickly the paint chips off. And no one can rush to the salon every time there is a crack in their nail paint! Even when you are very careful about the paint, regular activities like cleaning, driving, eating, and typing make it challenging to protect your nail paint from getting chipped. So, if you are tired of retouching the nail paint several times a day and want to make sure the paint stays on, we have the secret to making it happen. Here are some tips to protect your nail art and help you flaunt gorgeously painted nails daily! Read on.

1. Start With A Hand Wash

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Before you start to paint your nails, it is essential to wash away the natural oils from your hands. This will help your nail bed cling to the color properly. Once it is washed with soap and water, the nail polish will stick better and remain longer on the clean, dry nails. Even while it’s not absolutely necessary, if your skin is oily, a swipe of polish remover over freshly cleaned nails will help eliminate any trace of natural oils that could otherwise impede the adhesion of the new coat of paint.

2. Add Thin Coats Of Nail Paint

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A thin coating is significantly less likely to chip or peel than a thick one. Keep paint layers as fine as possible, and don’t worry if the first coat seems streaky. It’s preferable to use three thin layers rather than two thick ones.

3. Add  A Top Coat Before The Paint Dries

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One common mistake we make is waiting for the layers to dry to apply the next layer. Instead, add the second coat just before the first one dries, and don’t wait for the color to dry before applying the top coat. While the polish is still wet, a top coat will strengthen the connection between the lacquer and the nail. Load up on the top coat before beginning to paint to avoid brush strokes.

4. Wrap The Tip

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This is a crucial step in nail paint, as not wrapping the cote carefully can create an uneven-looking texture. This is done by carefully dragging the polish horizontally along the top of your nails. The polish will last longer if the edges are sealed, so they don’t catch and chip as quickly. However, the tip of your nails is usually where it starts chipping first, so you need to pay attention to the coats, so they don’t overlap or differ in texture, making them susceptible to chipping.

5. Let It Air Out

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In comparison to creams, metallic polishes dry quickly. Not only are they more resistant to chipping, but they’re also more durable overall. More time is usually needed for drying when a deeper color is used. Don’t expose your nails to things like hot water unless they’re completely dry. You can damage the polish by rubbing your nail against something, so if the top layer seems dry but not firm, cold water may help to settle it. It is best to wait for a minute after it dries and then submerge your painted nails in ice-cold water for a few seconds till it locks the color on your nail.

Note: Make sure you prepare the cold water before painting your nails, as once it is painted, you will probably damage the polish when pouring water from the freezer. Also, ensure there are no ice chunks in the water as they might rub against your nails and destroy your nail paint.

6. Check-In

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Maintaining nail polish is challenging, mainly because no one can sit all day in fear of getting their nail paint chipped. One way to avoid this is to add a top coat daily or once every few days. This can help your manicure stay fresh without investing in expensive nail paints.

Nail art is growing in popularity and you can even try acrylic paint or clip-on to enjoy richer colors. However, it is better to add gel paint as they do not cause any harm to your nail beds, and clip-on might fall off and be a choking hazard for kids at home or pets at your place. So, what is your secret to long-lasting color when it comes to maintaining nail paint? Let us know in the comments section. Keep it stylish!

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