8 Facial Details That May Reveal Your True Personality

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A halo effect is a form of prejudice that attributes favorable characteristics to individuals (such as intelligence and likability) (1). But it may have a subconscious impact on certain people. The human face may reveal much about a person’s character and disposition that can be deciphered if we learn to read subtle signs. Here in this article, we have shared some common facial features and what they reveal about a person. Read on to know them all.

1. Wide Face

Wide Face
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Both testosterone and estrogen have a role in determining how our looks and personalities develop. A high level of testosterone has been connected to more prominent jawbones, whereas elevated levels of estrogen have been associated with a softer, rounder face, fuller lips, and a more pronounced forehead. The presence of these characteristics may be an indicator of increased fertility and is typically correlated with greater perceptions of femininity, beauty, and health. High levels of testosterone are also associated with prominent cheekbones.

2. Round Face

Round Face
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The common notion is that, most generous women tend to have rounder features. People with round faces tend to be kind, generous, and compassionate and often become excellent companions. They may even be too selfless at times, putting the needs of others ahead of their own and disregarding their own health in the process. They are more trustworthy because people associate innocence with these facial features.

3. Oval Face

Oval Face
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An oval face has lengthier proportions than other facial shapes with a broader forehead and cheekbones than the chin. Others may view those as more gregarious and outgoing. It doesn’t always make those with oval faces outgoing. Nonetheless, they are often more sociable and articulate, with a knack for using words to put others at ease.

4. Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Face
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A person with a heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and a narrower-than-average chin. They have a reputation for being independent thinkers. The underlying power and stubbornness of people with this facial form are often extraordinary. They are full of vitality and determination and they have a keen sense of when to take decisive action to achieve their goals. In addition to being imaginative and loving, they may additionally be emotionally unstable and unable to make up their minds. Since they are so comfortable putting themselves out there, they have a reputation for being exceptionally affable and gifted at making others feel like they are the only ones in the world. They like the excitement of experiencing love but may not remain committed after things have settled down or become routine.

5. Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond Shaped Face
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The forehead & chin of a person with this facial shape is more pronounced than the jawline. The characteristics of this face type include an inclination towards authority. They pay close attention to detail and strive for excellence. They have the precision of a surgeon and the sharpness of a diamond. As a general rule, individuals are more likely to trust someone with an average-looking face than someone whose face stands out for whatever reason.

6. Square Face

Square Face
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The characteristic of this face type is a broad forehead and chin. Those that have a square face tend to be more active and robust. Big projects are what they specialize in, and they have a sharp wit and analytical intellect to boot. They are mostly natural leaders because of their ability to maintain composure under pressure. Intelligent and strategic, they are less likely to open out about their emotions.

7. Baby Face

Baby Face
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The “baby face” characteristics are sometimes mistaken for those of the round face, although the distinction is important. A person with these characteristics may come out as more innocent, weaker, or even meek. On the contrary, they are open, kind, and helpful. Women who exhibit these characteristics are universally regarded as the most desirable partners around the world.

8. Facial Lines

Facial Lines
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Facial lines convey a lot of information as well. Those blessed with a solar line that runs directly down the middle of their forehead are full of life, full of ambition, and adventure. Lines around the eyes, sometimes known as “crow’s feet,” are a happiness indication. But if they’re too in-depth, it can mean you’re dealing with some stress or having to make some tough choices. In a broader sense, they represent careful consideration.

So now that you know how to read a person before even getting to know them, socializing will be much easier, won’t it? However, most of these tricks are tell-a-tales and don’t follow the laws of science. So it’s best to trust your instincts before putting your faith in people.


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