14 Crazy Facts About Kissing You Never Knew

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Locking lips with someone you love has got to be one of the top 3 best feelings you’ve ever felt! Of course, including eating a bar of chocolate and soaking in a hot tub after a long, tiring day.

However, this simple act of love is not quite as simple as it seems. Research has already shown that the first kiss can make or break a relationship and that most people remember 90% of the details of their first smooch (1), (2)!

Now that’s crazy, right? Well, if you can’t get enough of crazy when it comes to kissing, here are 14 facts on snogging that will leave your mind blown!

1. Kissing Is An Immunity Booster

A study conducted by the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research has proved that kissing can boost your immunity (3). According to the study, when you kiss, you exchange 80 million bacteria, which serve as a natural way of vaccination!

2. The Longest Recorded Kiss Was Over 58 Hours

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That’s right! The Guinness World Record holders for the longest kiss are a Thai couple, Laksana Tiranarat and Ekkachai, who won $9,000 for kissing continuously for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds to be precise (4)!

3. Kissing Is Good For Your Dental Health

According to Dr. Sivan Finkel of the Dental Parlour in New York City, the increased amount of saliva can improve your dental health. The increased saliva production reduces the acidity in your oral environment, thereby preventing tooth decay. At least as long as whom your kissing maintains proper oral hygiene!

4. The First Kiss In A Movie Was In 1896

The name of the movie was The Kiss, a black and white flick that was the reenactment of the stage drama The Widow Jones. In those times, kissing was not taken to kindly and the 23-second long scene from the movie was censored due to its lack of morals!

5. Kissing Makes You Feel Good

Quite literally as kissing releases feel-good hormones! When two people kiss, hormones known as ‘oxytocin’ and ‘dopamine’ are released by your body, which makes you feel good (5). Oxytocin is the bonding hormone, which establishes intimacy, while dopamine helps in the experiencing of pleasure.

6. Kissing Makes Men Live Longer

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And even increases their income! According to a German study, men who kissed their partners at least once every day lived 5 years longer in comparison to those who didn’t (6)! Besides, they even missed work less due to better immunity, which lead to 20-30% increased earnings every month!

7. Keeping Keeps Blood Pressure And Cholesterol In Check

Kissing passionately influences your heartbeat in a good way, thereby reducing blood pressure, according to Andréa Demirjian, author of Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasures (7). Studies have also shown that kissing lowers the production of the stress hormone ‘cortisol,’ which consequently lowers bad cholesterol (8).

8. You Know How To Kiss Before Being Born

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As bizarre as that may sound, it’s true! When you kiss, you have the tendency to tilt your heard towards the right or left. Your preferred direction is developed when you’re in the womb, says German researcher, Onur Güntürkün (9). Tilting right is more common though!

9. Kissing Helps You Find Your Soulmate

Helen Fisher, the lead researcher of a recent study and biological anthropologist from the Rutgers University, analyzed the data of 40,000 people on Chemistry.com, a dating website to come to this conclusion. She found out the hormones present in the saliva can help people determine whether the person will be a good mate.

10. Kissing Requires Use Of Muscles

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Not only does kissing help you burn around 26 calories but it also exercises your facial muscles! According to the American Journal of Medicine, when you kiss you use up to 112 postural muscles and 30 facial muscles (10). This is probably the most delightful way to get rid of fatty cheeks and wrinkles (11)!

11. Kissing Reduces Stress

When you kiss more, you stress less. That’s what a 2009 study has to say (12)! 52 people took part in this study. One half was asked to kiss more and for longer, while the other was not given any instructions. After 6 weeks of trial, it was proven that those who kissed more had lower stress levels.

12. PDA Can’t Get You Arrested

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Yes, contrary to popular belief, kissing in public in India is not a punishable offence (13)! Especially if you’re married. So, shun those reservations and kiss away!

13. Philemaphobia Or The Fear Of Kissing

Although it’s hard to believe anyone would be afraid of kissing, nonetheless the fear of kissing is known as ‘philemaphobia.’ And it is surprisingly common among inexperienced kissers!

14. Kissing Originated Centuries Ago

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Although French kissing was popularized during the First World War, kissing traces its roots way back (14). Centuries ago, kissing didn’t exist. What did was sniffing of the face and it was used as a way to determine an individual’s health, mood, and social status. Gradually, sniffing evolved into kissing when people started brushing their lips against another’s face (15).

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