6 Secret Facts About Men And Women

by Shivani K

We know that men certainly haven’t landed from Mars. And neither have the women come from Venus. Both of these belong to the same species and the same planet, Earth. It’s just that there is a gender difference between them. And this one difference has created quite a diversity between them.

We often get into debates at our homes, our workplaces about which gender is better and how ultimately both men and women are dependent on each other at the end of the day. But certain traits such as the behavioral patterns, physical strength, and mental abilities, these certainly aren’t the same for men and women. They differ and they differ for reasons that can be validated as well.

To celebrate this difference, we have compiled a list of some secret facts about men and women which is likely to blow your mind away. Let’s read.

1. The Kiss Of Life


A research was conducted in the 1980s which actually proved that men who had the habit of kissing their wives before leaving for work every morning had two major advantages in life. One, they ended up living longer than their expected span time, by almost five years (1). And two, they also ended up making more money at work. It’s also said that they had lesser chances of meeting with car accidents. Baffled by this fact? So are we!

2. Relationship Of IQ With Cheating


Yes, the likelihood of your man cheating on you can be gauged by his IQ! Studies have shown that men who have an IQ (intelligence quotient) of higher than 110 are known to be loyal to their partners (2). However, if a man’s IQ is less than 110, then he is more prone to be distracted, which makes him more likely to get attracted to other women, which can lead him to cheat on his lady.

3. Men Are The Chatty Gender


In almost every corner of the world, there’s one stereotype is present in almost everybody’s head that it’s the women who gossip more than men. And that women can talk for hours altogether or even an entire day, because who else can do that, right? But, let us tell you, peeps, that a few studies have proved this thinking of ours wrong! According to studies, it’s the men who chat more than women (3). If you take an account of the average number of words that a man and a woman talk in a day, the results show that it’s the man who speaks more words than a woman. The next time someone says, “Why do women talk so much?” we’ve given you the answer for your defense already. Or should we just ask the men to shut up now?

4. Being Bald Is Being Stronger


Long and thick locks of hair are often seen as a symbol of youth. Growing bald due to hair loss is said to be the most demotivating development in one’s life. But, that’s not the real case because studies have proved that men who are bald are considered to be 40 percent stronger than the men who have thick lustrous hair on their head (4). The study also claimed that men who are naturally bald or voluntarily shave their heads, irrespective of the nature of baldness, they all are perceived to look more dominant, stronger, taller, and confident. And we know how women get attracted to confident men, don’t we? So, all you men out there, we guess it’s time to be bald and be proud!

5. Women Dream More Than Men


Yes, women have the dream power! Studies have shown that on an average, in a week, a woman has dreams 4 times whereas men have it twice a week (5). The reason behind this is said to be the emotional nature of women which is more prominent in women than men. And hey, not just that, studies have also shown that women also has more nightmares than men (6). This is also a result of their emotions. As women are more emotional, it gets hard for them to switch off their emotional caps and sleep.

6. Men Have Bigger Brains


Umm… yes ladies, men have brains which are larger than yours. But one thing you can still feel glad about is that studies say that men sure do have larger brains than women, but that doesn’t increase their thinking capabilities. It’s just a matter of size difference. And scientists say that the bigger size of the brain might have to do with the hormones present in men (7).

There you go, were you aware of these secret facts about men and women? No matter what the facts say, remember that you just need to be the best version of yourself and live your life to the fullest. Are there any such secret facts you are aware of? Share them in the comments section below.

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