13 Facts About Women’s Bodies That Men Probably Don’t Know

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The human body in itself is very complex and intricate. No matter how much we’ve studied or read fun facts about our body in general, there is always something that is bound to catch us off guard. It is more applicable to women due to many factors. Well, if you thought women’s minds are hard to read, wait till you go through these scientific facts about their bodies.

Women have been a forever mystery to men. Why do they think the way they think, how the hormones overcome them, how emotionally empowered they are, the list goes on. Women are complex beings in not just mind, but even in body. With some expert research, we at Stylecraze present you with some mind-boggling and intimate facts about women’s bodies that men, even some women, could never guess!

1. Woman Can See More Colors Than Men

Woman Can See More Colors Than Men
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Men and women see a whole different world. In general, both women and men have different sensory functions. Whether it’s auditory, visual, or olfactory, women sense things a little more differently than men.  You might say it’s unfair, but women have a larger spectrum of colors to see (1)! Women can distinguish between color gradients better than men, and the disparity is more apparent in the middle of the range.

2. Women Have A Greater Sense Of Smell

Women Have A Greater Sense Of Smell
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Women’s bodies have 50 percent more olfactory neurons than men, which blesses them with a stronger sense of smell than men (2). Scientists believe the sense of smell has something to do with a female’s selection of potential partners and building the bond with their child. That’s why they say, nothing escapes a woman’s instincts. Whether it’s sensory or analytical.

3. Women’s Bodies Are Better Suited For Remembering Details

Women's Bodies Are Better Suited For Remembering Details
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The sizable hippocampus and prefrontal cortex (PFC) make the difference in the thinking process of men and women. The PFC dictates their social behavior and affects judgment. It also develops at an early age in women and gives them the binding capacity for details. This is why most women hear complaints about expressing themselves longer or talking more!

4. Women’s Bodies Can’t Process Alcohol As Much As Men

Women's Bodies Can't Process Alcohol As Much As Men
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There is enough proof that women get drunk quicker than men, and there is scientific backing to why it happens. Women have fewer enzymes to break the alcohol before it reaches the bloodstream (3). Hence they get inebriated in a lesser amount. Hence the misconception that intoxication depends on body weight and mass is incorrect.

5. Women Have A Stronger Immune System

Women Have A Stronger Immune System
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We could thank our stars for this one! Did you notice that even during the pandemic, women were more resilient to the virus than men? While the research would take in a few more factors, women have proven to fight off infections better than men at every age. It is partly estrogen and the extra X chromosome.

6. Women Feel More Pain Than Men Do

Women Feel More Pain Than Men Do
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This fact does give a fatal blow to the age-old notion that women are the weaker vessel. Women have more immune cells that respond to robust injuries and infections, causing high lightened pain response. According to studies, women feel more pain in health problems like arthritis, diabetes, and respiratory diseases.

7. Women Store Fat Around The Abdomen And Hips

Women Store Fat Around The Abdomen And Hips
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Each body is different, but most women tend to accumulate fat in the areas around the buttocks, abdomen, and hips except for people on a rigorous workout and diet routine. It is designed by nature to store food near the growing uterus during pregnancy. Now you might be thinking, why is fat accumulating when you are not even close to getting pregnant. Well, women’s bodies prepare for childbearing much before they even know what conceiving is. This is why it is much harder to lose belly fat for women than men.

8. Women Are Less Subjected To Heart Disease

Women Are Less Subjected To Heart Disease
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This does not mean you can stop eating healthy and working out. Women secrete certain premenopausal hormones that protect them from heart ailments (4). But this means that after the age of 65, they are equally susceptible to heart diseases as men.

9. Women Make Testosterone Too

Women Make Testosterone Too
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Yes, you read that right. While testosterone is thought to be the male hormone, women own it as well. The primary function of testosterone is bone formation in women, and the quantity is much lower than in men. Some other functions in women would be a contribution to mood swings, reparation of tissues, etc.

10. Women’s Menstrual Cycle Do Sync

Women's Menstrual Cycle Do Sync
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In ancient times, women’s period cycles were believed to be synced with the phases of the moon. In modern times you must have heard women say that their cycle syncs with their roomies and friends. Menstrual synchrony is based on a theory that when women come in contact with another woman, the pheromones act up in influencing their cycles to line up (5).

11. Women Get More Cavities Than Men

Women Get More Cavities Than Men
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It’s not all roses when it comes to avoiding health issues. Many studies have found tooth decay is more prevalent in women. This is because of the saliva composition and flow, dietary habits, and hormone fluctuations. So if you are always complaining of tooth-related aches and decay while your brother, boyfriend, or friend can easily go through tons of food every day without any teeth issues, that’s your answer.

12. Women Smile More Than Men

Women Smile More Than Men
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Despite the cavities, women smile more than men! Yes, you have to work hard to see him smile! Women smile about 62 times a day in comparison to men (6). This also makes us wonder if women are generally the happier gender. They tend to get pleased with little things happening around them. Whoever said we need diamonds and jewels to smile! Duh!

13. Their Bodies Make Remarkable Changes During Pregnancy

Their Bodies Make Remarkable Changes During Pregnancy
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Changing a part of your body from the size of an orange to watermelon and back to orange is not easy! In just 20 weeks, the female body does all the stretching work to accommodate a baby!

Did you know how unique women’s bodies are? There are so many interesting changes that make our body the way it is. So ladies, get over your insecurities and treat yourself better. We all have our plus and minus points, but it’s time we embrace the fantastic things we can do. What was the fact that startled you the most? Let us know in the comments below! Have an amazing day!


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