Fashion Disasters That Never Should Have Happened

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Fashion and time, both don’t stop for anyone. Over the past centuries, we’ve seen many fashion trends come and go (if not experienced). I divide the fashion trends into three— the vampires, the zombies, and the dead and gones! Well, the first category includes those trends that came into our lives and never really left. This includes jeans, leather jackets, the little black dress (LBD), suede jackets, bold red lips, and animal prints. The zombie trends are those who die and then come back alive later. For example, trends that are booming these days like the crop tops, sling bags, thick eyebrows, high waist pants, shoulder pads, overalls, chokers, and bandanas were all huge hits decades ago.

The third category is the infamous star of the show here. These are the trends that are dead and gone. We truly hope that they don’t come back. Even so, some of them are alive, in random corners of the world because not everyone follows fashion and some people have unique tastes (hey! We’re not judging). So, what are these fashion trends that never should have happened? Let’s take a look at them!

1. Denim Footwear

Denim Footwear
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Yep. They do exist. With the fashion industry falling head over heels for denim, some people took it a little too far with the fabric. Denim is incorporated everywhere! There are shirts, pants, jackets, bags, and even accessories. But, footwear? Nah, they don’t look that good and we’re glad people are over this trend. P.S: This rule isn’t applicable to denim sneakers which are perfectly fine.

2. Tight T-shirts With Gods/ Random Actors On Them


Religion is a pretty sensitive subject but seeing people wear tight t-shirts with Lord Hanuman and Jesus’s color prints on them look very odd. If designed in a better way, maybe these would have looked good. But, a few years ago, such vibrant, printed t-shirts and strap tops were very common. The same thing applies to actors and model prints. We really hope that such a disaster doesn’t befall on us ever again.

3. Cringe T-Shirts


Again, vulgar and cringe-worthy captions and images on t-shirts are total disasters. This wasn’t much of a trend, but back then, many people used to think that it was cool. We’re glad that people don’t wear these anymore (at least most of them).

4. Overly “Rip”ped Jeans


Ripped jeans are hot! But they have to be ripped in a certain way and worn in style. Otherwise, you’ll look like a poor person who cannot afford new clothes (yes! Exactly what your mom says). Make sure you don’t rip your jeans too much if you’re doing it by yourself. Learn the trends and the techniques before attempting to murder your good old pair of jeans. Also, if you want to stay on the safer side, please purchase already ripped jeans.

5. Extremely Low Waist Pants

Extremely Low Waist Pants
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A decade ago, low waist pants and jeans were totally in trend. High school and college kids wore them around everywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if you admit that you’ve seen butt cracks in public because of this trend. And thank god, we have mid-rise and high-rise in trends these days— aren’t they so much more comfortable?

6. MC Hammer Pants

MC Hammer Pants
Image: Gettyimages

MC Hammer Pants, often known as parachute pants (although they are different) are flabby pants worn by men, mostly. These were worn mainly by hip-hoppers and were popularized by MC Hammer who often worn these during his concerts. While these were a huge trend a couple of years ago, it looks like people are done with them.

7. Dogs As Accessories

You might think this is cute, but it’s not so much in reality. Carrying your pet along all dressed up is cute. But having small dogs as pets just so that you can show them off as a part of your costume is not good. Popularly known as the “handbag” dogs and popularized by celebrities like Paris Hilton, these dogs were considered to be abandoned in large numbers (1). Now that is not fashion, it’s just EVIL!

8. Fur And Leather

Fur And Leather
Image: Shutterstock

Talking of evil, don’t you remember the trend that killed innocent animals in the name of fashion? Well, we don’t deny that fur and leather look great on human beings. This is why we have fake furs and leathers today. They are cheaper and look just as good as the real ones. Now, if you really want a dead animal’s skin on your body, please think twice if it’s worth a life.

9. The Hungover Makeup

The Hungover Makeup
Image: Dailymail

Believe it or not, there did exist something known as the “hungover makeup.” And the key feature of this makeup was the highlighted puffy eyes! It was quite popular in countries like Japan but slowly spread to the rest of the world. Women used red blush under their eyes and maintained greasy hair to get this look. Fashion truly works in mysterious ways! We’re glad people don’t put this makeup on anymore unless they’re acting in a movie or something.

Well, what’s gone is gone and we know that our tastes are evolving for the good. Which one of these fashion disasters shocked you the most? Do you still like any of these? Share your thoughts with us in the comments before.

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