10 Fashion Insights From Priyanka Chopra That Will Help You Plan Your Next Look

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Would you believe it if we said our very own PeeCee was a typical ’90s teenager who went to parties in tight leggings and voluminous tops? Well, that sure gives us hope! But now that our Desi girl is a world-renowned celebrity, her fashion sense also matches the personality she has built for herself. But transitioning fashion sense is never easy, and even for Priyanka, it was a huge task to replace her outrageous wardrobe with clothes that have become a style icon. Here in this article, we have spilled her fashion secrets and chosen some of her iconic looks to help you create a perfect look for the next big outing. Read on!

1. Monochrome Clothes Are Her Favorite

Monochrome Clothes Are Her Favorite
Image: Twitter

Priyanka Chopra often wears all black or all white and then adds colorful or unusual accessories to her look. Sunglasses, bags, and belts with a lot of bling are staples in her accessory repertoire. In most cases, the footwear is also of a complementary hue. This will help you balance what you wear without looking like a Christmas tree.

2. She Likes To Wear High-Necked Outfits With Midi-Length Skirts

Necked Outfits With Midi-Length Skirts
Image: Twitter

The actress has mastered the art of pairing mid-length skirts with formal shirts. Not only that, she also appreciates a well-balanced color scheme. She likes wearing broad belts and charms to draw eyes to her waist. Works perfectly for her hourglass body!

3. She Wears White A Lot

She Wears White A Lot
Image: Twitter

Priyanka Chopra favors white attire for formal and informal parties alike. Either an all-white ensemble or simply a white shirt will do the trick. The actress donned a white suit with a textured jacket to a film festival and a white mini dress with long sleeves when she appeared on a television show. What can we say? White is her color!

4. She Loves Flaunting Her Legs

Loves Flaunting Her Legs
Image: Twitter

She’s partial to feminine garments, concise ones. Not only does she wear short clothes to interviews but also to formal events and parties. Dresses with high slits are a common way for her to flaunt her stunning legs. Well, when you have gorgeous legs, why hide them in dresses!

5. She Likes To Wear Big Hoop Earrings

Likes To Wear Big Hoop Earrings
Image: Twitter

You can’t miss the actress’s signature earrings. In the presence of such beauty, it’s challenging to take one’s eyes off it. She wears them not just to formal events but also on events like  Christmas with her family.

6. She Never Shies From Adorning Her Cleavage

Shies From Adorning Her Cleavage
Image: Twitter

The actress frequently wears stunning outfits that reveal ample skin without coming off as showing too much. As her cleavage gets lower, the cosmetics and hairstyle get less elaborate. It’s easy to go overboard and come off as cheap, so she always maintains the balance.

7. She Favors Ethnic Attire As Well

She Favors Ethnic Attire As Well
Image: Twitter

Our desi girl frequently dons fancy sarees. The actress favors airy fabrics in bold designs and complements them with plain sleeveless shirts featuring tiny straps.

8. She Is Not Afraid To Take A Chance Sometimes

Afraid To Take A Chance Sometimes
Image: Twitter

Many jokes and trolls were made about her oversized collar on the Ralph Lauren trench dress she wore to the 2017 Met Gala. She garnered a lot of interest and was re-invited to the gala the following year. So sometimes you need to stay confident in what you wear.

9. She Loves Cozy Nature Knitwear

She Loves Cozy Nature Knitwear
Image: Twitter

Priyanka Chopra is well-aware that knitted garments are stylish not just in winters but also in summers. She may get away with wearing a shorter top to bask in the sun. However, she enjoys spending time outside with her pet by donning a long-sleeved sweater even when the weather is cool.

10. She Adores Jumpsuits

She Adores Jumpsuits
Image: Twitter

Fashion Insights From Priyanka ChopraEven though Priyanka Chopra has donned jumpsuits before, the styles she favored then are not the same as the ones she prefers now. As opposed to earlier, when she tried to draw attention to her entire body, it now draws attention to her waist. Priyanka likes styles that are fitted at the bust and flare out at the hem.

So now that you know all the fashion secrets of Priyanka Chopra, following her dress sense won’t be very difficult. It is essential to look into your body type and choose clothing that will suit you. Just because the dress looks great on the mannequin does not mean it will look the same on you. Also, you don’t have to look like someone else. As long as you feel pretty in what you wear, no one should be able to change your mind about it. So, which of these looks will you try first? Let us know in the comments section!

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