5 Fashion Rules That Can Be Broken

By Chandrama Deshmukh

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.” – Katherine Hepburn.

Though trends are evolving morning, noon, and night, there is one truth we can be certain of. When it comes to the art of fashion – rules are meant to be broken. To be honest, we aren’t even sure who came up with all these stodgy rules, hence, it’s time we debunked the five most popular style myths!

Fashion Rule No. 1: Your Purse Must Match Your Shoes


Since we’re all for a woman’s prerogative and freedom of choice, let us be clear – if you want to wear hot pink stilettos to match your hot pink cross-body satchel, go for it sister, we aren’t the ones to stop you. To be fair the effect is, admittedly, spectacular. However, if we’re being realistic, you have to agree – it’s a tad too difficult for a girl on a budget to match her heels to her clutch every single night.

The next time you’re out on a date or even a girl’s night out, forego the painstaking matching and experiment instead! Mix playful prints with contrasting colors like a pair of black and white polka dotted pumps and a fiery red clutch. Trust us, contrasting accessories always elevate an ensemble’s look.

Fashion Rule No. 2: Never Mix Prints

Since the dawn of time, fashion gurus have insisted that wearing two clashing prints is a cardinal couture faux pas. However, during these last few seasons, the revolutionary print mixing seen in ‘street style’ trends has absolutely crushed this stifling fashion edict! From polka dots and stripes to paisley and leopard prints, the combinations created these past few seasons have earned a nod from even the most exacting of old-school designers.

Hence, don’t shy away from print mixing anymore! For your next Sunday brunch, don a basic striped white tee along with a pair of vibrant floral palazzo pants. Top it up with a pair of retro nude shades and – voila! You’re as chic as can be.

Fashion Rule No. 3: Navy & Black Don’t Belong Together

How can any fashionista worth her salt claim that the two classic bold colors – navy and black, mustn’t be worn together? After all, just look at the beautiful ladies above! If you ask us, they appear as effortlessly glamorous and sophisticated in their navy and black ensembles.

Now, we understand that black and navy have earned a bad rap for themselves in the past, for both colors can rather easily be mistaken for the other. However, in our good opinion, this bold color duo is the epitome of modern vogue. One can’t really go wrong with a pair of skinny black jeans and a classic, crisp navy-blue blazer. Alternatively, a navy-blue sheath dress and black leather jacket are perfectly drool-worthy as well!

Fashion Rule No. 4: Metallics & Sequins Are For Nights-Out Only

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that your favorite metallic mini dress or sequin blouse must be saved for a night out with your gal pals. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dark for you to dazzle! You can totally, and without any qualms, wear sparkling accoutrements in the daylight as well. After all, just look at how chic and au courant lifestyle and fashion YouTuber, Michelle Madsen appears in her snazzy pink sequin pullover and metallic silver bag.

You too can don some glitter under the sunlight! Add some sparkle to your boring daytime outfit of jeans and a classic black tee with a sequin bomber jacket. Top it up with a pair of white high-top sneakers and girl, you’re on your way to becoming an Instagram darling!

Fashion Rule No. 5: Only A Model Can Wear Long Dresses & Pants

Not true! You don’t “have to have” mile long, cover model legs to don a full-length dress or a long pair of trousers. If you have a good tailor on your speed dial, then as a shorter woman, you can wear whatever it is your heart desires. Be it wide-leg trousers or a floor-length ball gown, what it all boils down to is the perfect fit and a dash of confidence! If you don’t believe us just look at how beautifully elegant Sarah Hyland appears in her full length, off-shoulder burgundy gown. Despite her humble 5’1” frame, the petite 27-year old Modern Family Star is absolutely rocking her couture ensemble at the Emmy’s.

Just goes to show, it isn’t height that matters but fit.

When we think of the word “fashion”, very specific images pop into our head: models, runways, luxury brands, and superficial attitudes. However, fashion doesn’t belong to the so-called social ‘elites’. Fashion is how we express our identities – our inspiration, quirks, and individual vibrancy. So, don’t hesitate from embracing who you are and expressing it through your OOTD. There are no rules to abide by. You make your own rules.

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