10 Fashion Secrets You Can Use If You Have Thick Arms

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We are in love with body positivity. It has made people more confident about themselves, and there are sassy people in all shapes and sizes. However, if we are being completely honest, it’s ok to admit that there are particular parts of your body you wish you could alter. While some of these would need a healthy diet or a spot-reducing exercise, there are other ways to conceal them if you are left with no time. For example, thick arms; they can come in your way when you are dressing up in off-shoulder, halter neck, or sleeveless clothes. So, if you have been concealing your arms in full sleeves, thinking there is no other way, this article is dedicated to you. Read on to know all the tricks you can inculcate in your dressing style that will divert the attention from your arms and make you look absolutely gorgeous.

1. Use V-Necklines And Short Sleeves To Show Off Your Shoulders

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The V-neck line is always a show stopper! We’ve had a lot of success with this shape. It can be worn in both formal and casual attire. Wearing it with a pair of tights makes it suitable for all seasons. In addition, it creates a flattering silhouette that accentuates your arms from the shoulders down. So if you have been looking for something versatile to have your back, V-neck will never let you down.

2. Wear Sleeves Made Of Lace Or Semi-Transparent Materials

Wear clothes with semi-transparent sleeves if you want to balance the shape of your arms. These tend to have a loose fit, making them appear leaner than they really are. You may wear them in spring or summer if you pick neutral colors like white, beige, or pastels since they are comfy and cool. They can be paired with any other piece of clothing and offer you a polished style.

3. Wear Broad Necklaces

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If you’re self-conscious about your wide shoulders, you may conceal them by wearing a neckline. Show off your neck by wearing blouses with bows or other embellishments like gold or gemstones on the fabric to boost the outfit’s visual impact.

4. Steer Clear Of Garments With Broad Sleeves

It is preferable not to wear sleeves that are too long. This is because they are broader in the thickest area of the arm, which is counterintuitive. In addition, the silhouette is mostly distorted. Wear basic and fitted sleeves, possibly on a bright-colored shirt, to enhance your silhouette and make it easier to pair with a skirt.

5. Asymmetrical Shirts Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

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Breaking the line around your arms by wearing asymmetrical shirts is a magic trick in itself. In addition, it’s a unique and eye-catching detail to expose a tiny portion of your shoulder.

6. Choose Blouses With Broad Straps

If you don’t like wearing a sleeveless blouse because of your arms, you might want to reconsider that now. As long as the straps are broad enough, they will divert the attention from your arms to your neckline. There are many options when it comes to clothing with broad straps. Don’t be afraid to express yourself because there is no such thing as a “bad” outfit.

7. 3/4-Sleeves Is Going To Be Your Thing

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For both casual and more formal attire, 3/4 sleeves are a fantastic choice. They can be as fitted or loose, but they will give you a trendy look. They look amazing paired with fitted denim and leggings.

8. Choose Your Blazer Wisely

Don’t underestimate the power of shoulder-pad coats. If you roll up the sleeves of your jacket a bit, your arms will feel free, allowing you to show off your beautiful skin. You can also wear bracelets, watches, and other accessories on your wrist. Make sure that the sleeves are tailored to your body type and that the jacket reaches your waist.

9. Choose Your Sweaters Wisely

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Look for sweaters with dropped shoulders that are slender and loose-fitting. They look great with jeans, but they may also be worn as part of a more casual ensemble. On the other hand, light-colored sweaters or those made from thicker fabric may not suit your needs.

10. Pair Off Shoulder With Other Things

As long as you wear your hair down, a necklace, scarf, or any other accent over your shoulders, a strapless dress will appear professional. However, if you’re trying to conceal more volume, a single strap isn’t the best option.

Dressing up is an art, and it helps you highlight your best features and hide what you are not very fond of. The more confident you are about what you wear, the more you own your look. So, which of these dressing secrets are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. Keep it stylish!

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