15 Fashion Trends That Survived The Test Of Time

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Fashion is fickle and you never know when your favorite accessory or your go-to outfit gets lost in time. You may have bought an expensive pair of shoes thinking that it’s a long term investment but it will go out of style within months of the purchase. Sad, isn’t it? Fashion is brutally unapologetic and you’ll have to learn a way to get over the old trends just like getting over your ex. Yes, it may sound hard, but that’s all we can do! *sobs* Fortunately, there are some trends that survived the test of time and proved that they are ageless. These handful of fashion elements are the ones that we call “essentials” most of the time. So, for every viral-going crop top trend that pops out of the blue, there’s a timeless denim jacket that says “You and I forever (heart eyes).”

If you’re thinking of upgrading your wardrobe, these classics are your must-haves. Now, let’s take a glimpse backwards to see the trends that are only moving forward with time.

1. Animal Print

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Animal print is the chica element of every girl’s wardrobe. You wanna walk into a party, turn a few heads and burn the rest? Animal print is the answer. The origin of animal print dates back to the colonial period when the Europeans brought home skins of Tigers, Cheetah, and Zebras from Africa and Asia. The exotic design became a big hit among the fashionistas of the time and it was replicated on clothes. Two centuries later, icons of glam and heat like Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall defined the come-hither magnetism of the print.

2. Blanket Scarf

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Remember Cardi B’s purple blanket scarf look at the airport? The picture took the internet by surprise as the singer/rapper walked in a scarf with her face on it! This ancient clothing item is still loved by many because they can be worn in innumerable ways.

3. Polka Dots

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Polka dots have forever been in the fashion world as an immortal print. The 1950s was the biggest decade for the print and it has been around since then. The decade was a peaceful and flourishing one for America and polka dots represent innocence, simplicity, fun, happiness, and childhood. Everyone from celebrities to housewives started dressing up in polka dots during the time. If you remember the skirt of the originally drawn Minnie, you’d see polka dots in there too! Polka dots were the favorite of fashion icons like Coco Chanel in the 1920s. Even today, polka dots are so in style!

4. Little Black Dress (LBD)

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Date? Party? Big family dinner? A little black dress is perfect for all of that. LBDs are fashion essentials for women since decades and there’s nothing that can replace it.

5. Jeans

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Jeans were made for the labor class decades ago. And today? just look around you. No further explanation needed; you know the story.

6. Cat Eye Glasses

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Cat-eye glass frames became popular for the first time in the 1950s and the 60s. Audrey Hepburn, Jane Jacobs, Elizabeth Taylor, and many other stars wore the “cat-eyes” during the time. Over the years the frame style evolved with minute changes and is still loved by women all over the world. If you don’t wear glasses, you can get sunglasses in the cat-eye frame — they’re super stylish too!

7. Bold Red Lips

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Red lip shade is the queen of all lip colors. It can easily walk over the other shades and sit comfortably on the throne and women would still hail it. Trends like that of the black lips and the nude lips (the one that’s ruling now) are all going to bow down in front of the red lips for sure.

8. Plain White Shirt

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Plain white button-ups are everyone’s closet essential. Man or woman, you’ve got to have this timeless piece of garment for sure.

9. Nautical Stripes

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Sailor stripes aka nautical stripes are a fashion classic and they never go out of style. While blue in white is the most loved color combo for this pattern, you can always try black, red, or dark green!

10. Leather Jackets

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Leather jackets have been around since ages and they can make anyone look yummy. If you’re a hipster chic at heart, not having one of these is a crime!

11. Loop Earrings

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If there’s an earring design that has stood the test of time, we’ll all have to agree that it’s the big round loop. If you ask your great grandma, she might have had a pair of them as well.

12. Aviators

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Aviators are unisex glass frames and they have been popular for decades now. They can be classy as well as sassy according to your outfit and there’s no reason why they’ll ever go out of style.

13. Camel Trench Coats

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If you’re allowed to buy just one coat in your life, get a camel trench coat. They are super classy and they never go out of style.

14. Black Heels

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Who doesn’t have a pair of black heels? They go with everything (including jeans) and they’re a timeless beauty.

15. Turtlenecks

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Let’s agree that not everyone likes turtlenecks. But it’s important to acknowledge the ones who stock up their sweater shelf with turtle necks. Turtlenecks were probably named not just because of their appearance but also because they live so long!

Some fashion elements are like wine — they get better with time. Word of advice: If you have to choose between these and the trends that die like fruit flies, always invest in the classic ones! Which is your favorite fashion constant? Let us know in the comments section below.

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