6 Life-Changing Feng Shui Tips For Love And Romance

By Chandrama Deshmukh

As human beings, we are constantly striving to work hard and be successful in whatever we do.

Along with material or monetary success, the most desired thing in our lives is to find true love.

However, it is an unpredictable journey where sometimes, we are lucky and sometimes, we may be unlucky in love.

It might be interesting to think about why certain relationships click instantly and work out so well, while there are some that fail, despite efforts taken to restore them. Is it only about the people involved? Is it only about specific circumstances? Or are there more factors like destiny or fate at play?

One such theory states the role of Feng Shui in governing and improving our energies to attract love and romance. It channelizes positivity through making some small changes around us. We might not alter the aspects of karma or fate associated with us, but Feng Shui works around it to extract maximum benefits from our circumstances. It makes our true intentions (of finding love) the medium of luring love into our lives.

Let us find out how you can take the help of Feng Shui to bring more love into your existence.

1. Proper Positioning Of The Bed

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The science of Feng Shui states that one shouldn’t sleep with his/her head under a window, and position the bed away from the corner or wall of the room. It is to ensure that both sides of the bed are accessible to the partners so that one doesn’t have to climb over the other to get up and down the bed, thus avoiding disruptions in sleep. There should be an equal distribution of space for both the partners so that there aren’t any conflicts regarding the resting area. It is also a good idea to have a good headboard because it is said to put in mind a sense of security.  Crisp and fresh bedsheets are always welcoming as well as relaxing.

All these changes promote good sleep and improve overall health, both physical and mental, and therefore enhance love in a relationship.

2. Colorize Your Walls And Choose Your Frames

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The appearance of the room, complete with painting and accessories, is very important in creating a positive flow of romance and sexual energies. Pink, which denotes love and happiness, can be used in splashes, strokes or other subtle forms – though there must be a balance of both feminine and masculine colors. The wall frames shouldn’t convey anything associated with violence, sorrow, religion or negativity. The images should be more about closeness and intimacy.

3. Do Away With All Gadgets And Gears

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Electronics and gadgets provide a major hindrance in a blossoming love life because they sap so much energy, leaving you drained. Television, mobiles, and laptops bring in excess Yang energies, depleting the calm of Yin that you desire in your bedroom (1). They keep your mind engaged, awake, and alert. In fact, it has become an addiction of the modern day couples to be hooked on to their smartphones. The same can be said about work furniture or fitness equipment. Their presence is a constant reminder that prevents your mind from going into a relaxed state of mind, and thus, negatively affects romance and passion in your relationship.

4. Declutter Your Surroundings

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Although it is not a part of the classic Feng Shui tradition, nevertheless, an important thing to remember is to remove any clutter from the bed and the bedroom, including extra pillows, soft toys, clothes or furniture. They are redundant, occupy unnecessary space, and absorb energies that are vital and should be in a state of flow. They limit space and may convey to your partner the lack of room to accommodate him/her.  Less clutter also leads to fewer conflicts between couples over trivial issues like creating a mess or tidying up. This leads to more harmony, avoiding intolerance and stress, for amorous pursuits.

5. Keeping Away The Memories Of The Past

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Feng Shui suggests removal of all things from the past relationship that hold one back from moving on in life. Most importantly, the mattress, bedding items, pillows, and linen, which may still carry the vibes shared between the ex-lovers. It also includes photo frames, clothes or other gifts that may divert the attention from the present relationship.

6. Using Feng Shui Articles And Symbols To Rekindle Love

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You can make small changes like adding glossy red, pink or lilac-hued candles as well asaromatherapy oils to the rooms and bathrooms. Photo frames capturing your close moments, and artwork that depict love and sensuality are great love boosters too. Moreover, Feng Shui symbols like mandarin ducks and specialty crystals are a big craze among ‘love experts’, which can be tried to set the romance going.

All these suggestions from the Feng Shui wisdom are complementary to the efforts that you, as a couple, must put into your relationship. Spending quality time with each other and being aware of the other’s needs and vulnerabilities can bridge all the differences. These Feng Shui tips can then be a great way to add more zeal to your affection and bonding.

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