15 Graduation Cake Ideas To Celebrate Your Big Day In The Most Scrumptious Way

by Niharika Nayak

Firstly, congratulations on getting out of school/college! Your graduation approaches, and you are super excited to spend it with your friends, albeit virtually. The pandemic may have separated you from your loved ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your special day most grandly and memorably at home, right? So if you and your family are thinking of celebrating your graduation at home and making a cake, here are a few graduation cake ideas. Whether you are a fan of gigantic vanilla cakes or a fan of tiny chocolate cupcakes, our list has got you covered. Here are fifteen unique ideas for graduation cake recipes:

1. Pineapple Drizzle Vanilla Cake


This cake looks absolutely delicious, and for all you pineapple and vanilla fans out there, this is the cake for you! The graduation cap and diploma are made out of fondant and dot the top of the cake. Complete this cake with salted caramel icing flowers on top and a simple pineapple drizzle. Talk about mouth-watering!

2. Floral Blue Cake


This fancy and colorful cake is perfect for the diva who loves the color blue! Use black-colored fondant to prepare the graduation cap and white fondant for the diploma. If you like lilies, you can use them to decorate your cake along with lace, as shown in the picture.

3. Graduation Cap Cake


This fondant graduation cap-shaped cake is for those who absolutely cannot get over their love for fondant! Make sure you follow the four-color patterns like they have in the picture. This cake is perfect for a family of four people.

4. Red Velvet Graduation Cap Cake


Who doesn’t love red velvet? This delicious and decadent type of cake is found in every bakery shop and has only grown in popularity. If you’re hosting a party with a few close ones, this is the cake you must go for as it is scrumptious, plentiful, and super tempting. You can use black and red fondant to create the graduation cap and its tassels.

5. Vanilla Cake With Graduation Cap


This simple vanilla cake is what one would picture when they would think of the word, cake. If you’re in a creative mood, you can even add some sprinkles on the cake. Don’t eat the graduation cap, though, as that isn’t made of fondant.

6. Strawberries And Chocolate Graduation Cake


Chocolate cake is the go-to option for everyone out there. And what’s even better than chocolate cake? Chocolate cake with strawberries! A graduation-themed party is incomplete without the signature graduation decor, so don’t forget to add that!

7. Blue And White Cake With Graduation Cap


The most appetizing thing about this cake is the yummy blue and black fondant. A graduation cap and diploma are the best way to complete the cake. You can use blue icing to write congratulations on your cake and decorate the sides of the cake.

8. Chocolate Cake With Pink Vanilla Icing


If you’re a fan of all chocolate, this is the cake for you. This simple graduation cake is super easy to make and absolutely yummy. Not only is this cake made out of chocolate, but it is also covered in chocolate and vanilla icing. To make the graduation cap, you can use black cardboard paper and a string.

9. Singular Graduation Cupcake


If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of large cakes, then you should definitely consider making these cute, tiny cupcakes. You can make the delicious vanilla icing all by yourself. Use a toothpick to attach a mini graduation cap onto your cupcake if you cannot find a plastic graduation cap.

10. Caramel And Multi-colored Marzipan Graduation Cake


If you’re not a fan of chocolate and would much rather have other types of cake, this delicious caramel cake will make your mouth melt. You can dress your cake up with multicolored marzipan balls so your guests can relish the unique mix of textures and tastes.

11. Marzipan Icing Cake With Graduation Cap And Diploma


Marzipan and fondant are two ingredients that go together like peanut butter and jelly! You can add a string to your fondant cap as well as a cute marzipan diploma to complete the whole cake.

12. Orange Icing And Vanilla Flavored Cake With Graduation Cap


Orange you glad you clicked this article? (okay, sorry for the pun). In all seriousness, though, this cake is absolutely delectable and a must-have. If you want a simple and delicious yet exciting-looking cake, this is the one for you. The green and white floral type of icing is the cherry on top of the cake.

13. Diploma Shaped Graduation Cake


This delicious diploma-shaped cake is unique and super creative. It’s simple and mouth-watering. It’s smaller than your regular cake, and you can customize it as per your needs. Use red and yellow icing to decorate the top of the cake.

14. ABCs Graduation Cake With Toy


This adorable ABCs cake is perfect for both graduating high schoolers as well as someone who graduated college. You can add a floral piece to your cake and a little girl with a graduation gown at the top. Use yellow-colored fondant to add a touch of color to the vanilla cake.

15. Vanilla Cream With Green Icing


Suppose you’re looking to write more than just a “Congratulations”, you should consider using this cake’s design. You can experiment with the design you want to use to make your icing but make sure that you add some graduation element to the cake.

Sure, your graduation party might not be as you had imagined it to turn out this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be extra special. You can also find some even more fantastic recipes online. If you’re new to baking cakes, make sure that you stick to the easier recipes. Do let us know all your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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