15 Hair Colors You Need To Try This Fall

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When it comes to seasons, summer often gets the lion’s share of the attention. There’s #hotgirlsummer, #beachbodysummer, and so many more! Well, we’re here to tell you to dump those beachy summer waves and get ready for a sleek, classic fall! While summer might be a great time to rock those locks, why not give autumn a chance? We’ve got a bunch of sleek, sassy, and savage hair colors you need to give a try this fall! Whether you want to rock a Java Brown or a Rhubarb Red, here’s a list of fifteen hair colors we’ve saved on our Pinterest board! So here’s all the hairspiration a fierce woman like you needs!

1. Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde1
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Once you go, honey, you’ll never want to go back! This is the perfect shade for those of you who are fans of golden and brown. It keeps your blonde warm but not too bright and makes for the perfect end-of-summer look!

2. Java Brown

Java Brown
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Why not give your traditional chocolate brown a warm new twist? This warm-toned brown mane is the perfect fall color for all the pretty brunettes out there! This chocolate-toned hair color is perfect for those who like to keep it simple yet stylish!

3. Rhubarb Red

Rhubarb Red
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Who hasn’t rocked a red do? Well, if you’re one of them who haven’t, why not give this delicious shade of Rhubarb red a try? The color is crisp, dark, pleasant, and cool-toned, and well, who wouldn’t want to get a hair color that was named after a dessert?

4. Cherry Black

Cherry Black
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We might not be fashion experts, but we have to say that the shade jet black is such old news! This fall, you’d want to be spotted sporting this excellent shade of cherry-tinted black. Give dual-toned hair a refreshing new vamp and rock these two wonderful shades together!

5. Balayage Brown

Balayage Brown
Image: IStock

What do you think is the easiest and quickest way to brighten up your look without committing to regular touch-ups? Well, why not try a balayage? You can opt for a caramel balayage or a subtle golden one like the one in the picture! Give this look a try and revert back to us to let us know how many people did a double-take to check out your hair!

6. Flaming Red

Flaming Red
Image: IStock

As far as the fall is concerned, you cannot go wrong with red. It has got to be the absolute ultimate Autumn color there is, and we can’t help but appreciate the warmth and feistiness of it all! If you’ve been looking to try some flaming red hair, now’s your chance!

7. Scandinavian Blonde

Scandinavian Blonde
Image: Shutterstock

There’s just something about this vibrant, vivacious, and bright shade of blonde that we cannot overlook. We can’t quite point to it, but it has a certain Je ne sais quois about it. If you are a natural blonde, now is the perfect time to consider going the Scandinavian route!

8. Ginger Brown

Ginger Brown
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Why should blondes have all the fun? This interesting shade is like a vibrant kaleidoscope of autumn-themed colors. It’s the easiest way for all the brunettes out there to add some autumn spice to their natural hair color.

9. Shadow Root Blonde

Shadow Root Blonde
Image: IStock

If you’ve always been afraid to go blonde due to root touch-ups, fear not. Say hello to this exciting hair color which perfectly blends darker root hair color with the lighter highlights for an all-natural all-over look that will leave you feeling stress-free! No more hot mess dark root days!

10. Tiger Orange Red

Tiger Orange Red
Image: Shutterstock

Curly hair is perfect when it comes to trying out fun hair colors! Since every single ringlet is packed with an interesting dimension, choosing a fiery shade like tiger orange-red will definitely make you stand out! Whether you have curly hair or straight hair, we guarantee that this hair color will make you look out of this world!

11. Golden Babylights

Golden Babylights
Image: Shutterstock

Did you know that you can actually keep your unique chocolate brown strands and still rock a unique twist to your hair color? Just lighten up some of your lighter strands, and you’ll be set for a golden autumn!

12. Russet Red

Russet Red
Image: IStock

Now, this is a shade that we love calling “autumn hair”. If you want your locks to look like the gorgeous fall leaves, this is the perfect look for you!

13. Sandy Platinum Blonde

Sandy Platinum Blonde
Image: IStock

Turn your platinum blonde hair into an even more appropriate shade for the autumn season by adding some exciting lowlights to offset the darker shades.

14. Burnt Caramel Brown

Burnt Caramel Brown
Image: IStock

A gentle wash of caramel on gorgeous chocolate brown hair is just the thing one needs to update their look for this new season. We have to say the sassy pixie cut elevates this look even more!

15. Baby Caramel Melt

Baby Caramel Melt
Image: IStock

Love having low-maintenance brown hair? Well, soften up this basic look by adding a smooth caramel color that almost melts down from your natural roots and blends into the rest of your hair.

And there you have it: Fifteen cool fall hair colors that will leave you looking like a whole new person. Whether you’re a redhead, a natural brunette, or blonde, we guarantee that this list has got all the hair color shades you need. Do let us know which of these shades you’re the most interested in trying in the comments below!

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