How To Stop Fighting In A Relationship

by Shivani K

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. But like everything else in this world, love too comes with its downsides. A loving relationship is the coming together of two individual and different souls, right? Therefore, there’s bound to be some downfalls, some fights, or arguments ranging from the silliest things to the most important things. And most of the time, it becomes difficult to reach a conclusion or agree mutually while taking decisions. This can lead to numerous fights between the two of you.

The fights can reach a level where one of you almost gives up on the relationship even when you don’t want to. So, how do you stop fighting with your significant other? Frankly, there is no manual or checklist for it. Apparently, it’s going to be something that your partner and you need to work on together. And yes, you also need to give it some time because expecting to achieve instant results here is futile!


The science behind a relationship is pretty clear folks. While positivity in a relationship can uplift it, the negativity can drag it down. It’s very important to cherish the relationship you’re into and not countermark the fights you’ve been having. We spoke to some relationship experts and here are a few ways which will help you fight less and love more. Read on dearies!

1. You Need To Stop Swearing


Fights and arguments are all a part of relationships; it comes in the love-relationship package *winks*. However, it is the use of swear words and other profanities that aggravate arguments. And we get it that you might have called your significant other something in a fit of rage. But hey, it’s bound to get registered in your SO’s mind and that might not go down well whenever you get into a serious discussion later on. Therefore, we suggest that the two of you make it a practice to ensure that there’s no use of swear words while communicating with each other. In fact, just make it a rule and stick to it no matter what.

2. Sit Together And Look At Your Old Pictures


Who doesn’t like sitting and turning the sheets of an old album that sparks all the good-old memories, right? It’s natural, when we fight with a colleague who isn’t that important to us, we end up behaving coldly with them for weeks. But, when you’re fighting with your SO, you definitely cannot distance yourself away for so long. And neither can you let go of what hurt you. In such times, to calm things down and end the fight sooner we suggest that you pick up your phone or an old album and glance through the pictures together. Doing this will bring a smile on both your faces and you’d reminisce with your partner in utmost love.

3. Try To Remember The Cute Stuff


The phase before the start of a relationship is where romance is the most. You have that wildfire inside you that wants to do everything to keep your partner happy. All those cute gestures — holding hands while walking, surprising him/her with love letters, long walks, drives, etc. are probably what romantic relationships are made of. But thinking about that phase when you actually did all of these is like you stepping onto an emotional roller coaster. And this ride mellows down your anger and encourages warm-loving thoughts.

4. Just Try To Imagine Life Without Them


Having a partner next to you makes life so much easier, isn’t it? You don’t feel lonely, you can receive and shower love at the same time, oh, and that feeling of cuddling with someone and falling asleep is the most beautiful feeling ever! And if you find yourself stuck in never-ending arguments, just try and picture your life without your partner. It would be very dreadful, right? There could be a few troubles and questions that you might want to ponder about. But remember that life without them can be very incomplete. And the rough phase that your relationship is going through is temporary.

5. Reflect On Yourself And Become Mindful Of It


Do you think you have a bad habit that is coming between your efforts and you while saving your relationship and keeping it away from fights? It could be anything from as serious as being a stalking girlfriend to a nagging boyfriend. We all have our idiosyncrasies and we think that it’s our right to stick to it and we expect our SOs to bear them too. That’s justified, but at the same time, you too, need to bear your partner’s idiosyncrasies. But if you find any of your habits, for example, flirting being pushed off the limits, then it’s better for you to reflect on what you’re doing and draw the lines and become mindful about it.

6. If You Are In A Bad State Of Mind, Then Just Back Off


There are some days when we wake up to bad moods. We get cranky about the slightest of the movements around us. And on those days, no matter how much we try, we simply cannot control our temper. On such days, it’s better to stay away and not indulge in any heated arguments with your partner. It’s going to save the two of you from a very bad day, trust us!

7. It’s Okay To Just Take A Break


If you find yourself in the middle of a fight which is never-ending, it’s better to walk away and take a breather. You two can sit in separate rooms and engage in something that will calm you down. You can later resume with the discussion when you two are cold on the same level. It’s a very mature way of handling fights.

Never think that having arguments in a relationship is a bad sign because it’s also a part of the relationship. Some couples argue less, some do it more; every relationship has its nature. Therefore, always talk and work it out, don’t let the mere disagreements turn into week-long fights. It’s not healthy for a relationship. Don’t you agree? Let us know what you think about fights in a relationship in the comments below.

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