10 Fine Hair Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

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Did you ever walk into a salon, and your hairdresser complimented your hair type as ‘fine hair’? Well, it is all fun and games till your hair turns into a fine mess! There is no big secret to maintaining fine hair. It is definitely easier to manage when it comes to styling your mane for the day. Thin, textured hair can go from freshly coiffed to a greasy bush real quick. Not to mention the frizz with the slightest hint of moisture! It is comparatively easy to brush and clean, but showing off the volume with fine hair is still a dream. Here are some mistakes that we often make with fine hair and how to overcome them like a pro.

1. Layers Are Not For You

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We know it’s painful to accept the fact that some hairstyles are not made for you;but the quicker you swallow them, the better. Fine hair, by the looks of it, makes your hair seem less dense. Cutting it in layers will only decrease the volume of your hair by half instead of exuding volume and thickness. Step cut is ideal for giving your hair movement, but if you have fine hair, stick to haircuts that keep the ends together. A straight cut or short hair reaching the nape of your neck are two of the best options if you lack volume. You can also opt for a fringe cut to make your hair look full and fluffy.

2. Aiming For Silky And Soft Hair

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To be honest, you can’t have both. Fine hair is naturally silky and smooth, but the softer your hair is, the less dense it appears. If you want to keep the softness intact and apply conditioners and oils, it will only lose its thickness. To make it look thick, you need to use sprays and mousse that will give it bounce but take the silkiness away. So if you have fine hair, you are in for some tough choices. You can also try techniques like using tight-bristled combs. Don’t comb by pressing down, but swipe outwards with short flicks to showcase some volume. Go for hair sprays that don’t harden your hair.

3. Trying To Grow Your Hair Too Long

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Fine hair is very prone to damage and also grows slowly. The thin hair makes you keep it untied and hence gets broken the most. Growing it longer will give it the illusion of unhealthy hair. If you are unsure about which length is ideal for your hair type, ask your stylist to help you figure it out. Hairstyles like bob and blunt are suitable for fine hair, and they look good on every face cut.

4. Not Considering Your Hair As Fine Hair

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We usually assume dark-colored hair is thick and dry, but that is a huge misconception. Despite the natural texture, naturally dark hair can be fine-textured as well. Here are a few ways to find out for sure. Your hair is actually fine-textured if your curls don’t stay for long despite using heating tools and sprays. Another way to find out is, if your hair has curls but still does not look as dense as it should, it is definitely fine-textured.

5. Washing Hair Too Often

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Washing your hair also gets rid of the natural oils along with the dirt and dead skin. This also signals your scalp to produce more natural oils, and hence your hair will always feel greasy. The best way to fight it is to give three days’ gap between the washing and then use a volume-boosting and oil-absorbing shampoo to keep it fluffy and dense. Since your hair already has a thin and fragile texture, overwashing will only lead to more damage and thinning.

6. Don’t Overdo The Conditioner

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Some of us cannot go without applying conditioner after cleansing our hair. But unfortunately, conditioner and fine hair don’t really go well if you are looking for something to make your hair look dense. If you use too much conditioner, there are chances that your locks will fall flatter than they already are and give off a greasy look instead of looking fresh and healthy. While you will miss your shine, having your fine hair a little dry might do the trick of puffing it up and making it look more voluminous than it actually is.

7. Blow Drying Straight Down

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You might have carefully dried your hair while keeping it straight to avoid frizz, but that will not make your hair voluminous. The trick is to overturn your hair, blow it dry, and keep brushing with a wide-toothed comb while it dries. It might lose the moisture, but it sure will fluff up and get all thick.

8. Overusing Hair Extensions

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Extensions may be considered a luxury item by some, or a daily lifeline resource for others. It is more of a concept in western culture but is slowly taking over other countries more rapidly. For short-haired women who crave long hair on some days, or fine-haired ladies who need to amp up the drama for a night out. Hair extensions are the best ways to make your hair look fuller, but overusing both tape and hand-tied extensions will result in breakage if not done carefully. You can switch to clip extensions which will help you amp your style without any risk of damage.

9. Not Using The Right Tools

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When the styling tools come in, you will always sway between curlers and straighteners. But your fine hair will not let the texture stay for long. Instead of doing it all over again and again, try choosing a crimper. Crimper strategically pulls up your fine hair strands and holds on to the shape for long. It also gives a bulky look to your hair for a change.

10. Ignoring Frizz

Ignoring Frizz
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It is true that thick manes or voluminous hair showcase the aftereffects of frizz the most, but fine hair is no stranger to this too. It does not only look like it is unwashed but the moisture makes it impossible to sit properly on your head. Protecting your hair against moisture is essential. Fine hair is mainly affected by the simplest change in the atmosphere and needs to be protected from all weather changes. Make sure you use a blow dryer to take all the excess moisture out from your hair and keep your hair shielded with serums.

Everyone’s hair is different, and as long as it is healthy, you don’t need to worry about it. So now that you know the mistakes you have been making with your hair, you can rectify them with a bit of care and smart techniques. What are your secrets to keeping your hair glossy and dense? Let us know in the comments below!

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