Fix Your Stuck Zipper With These Easy Hacks

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Zippers have not changed much since they were invented and the problems related to them haven’t changed either. They keep our backpacks closed, our pants up, and are used in so many other places. You can even find them on your designer shoes! However, you can sometimes have bad zipper days! And they get stuck, and simply refuse to budge.

If you’re living with a broken zipper, here are some simple hacks to fix it.

1. Fix A Stuck Zipper With A Candle

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Sounds strange? Try it, and you’ll find this hack amazing. Simply rub the candle along the side of the zipper to unjam it. The wax will act as a lubricant and help the zip to glide easily.

2. Fix It With A Pencil

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You can also fix a stuck zipper with the help of a pencil. All you need to do is sharpen a pencil and rub its point along both the edges of the zipper. Graphite in the pencil acts as a lubricant here. Once you are done rubbing the pencil along its sides, gently try to pull the zipper. If you still find it to be stuck, rub it some more.

3. Fix A Stuck Zipper With Vaseline

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Petroleum jelly is a lubricant – this is not a new fact. But, using it to fix a stuck zipper is something new. Here’s how you can do it.

Dab a small amount of Vaseline on your fingers and rub it on the stuck part. Now, pull the zipper gently. It will glide smoothly as never before.

4. Your Zipper Won’t Stay Up? Try This Hack!

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If your zipper won’t stay up and keeps sliding down, all you need is a small key ring. Slide this ring into the zipper. After you pull the zipper up, fix the key ring over the metal button. Use a ring of the same color so that it is not visible and your zipper doesn’t slide down again.

5. Did Your Zipper Teeth Break Or Get Separated From Each Other? All You Need Is A Pair Of Pliers.

A plier can serve the purpose. Gently squeeze each side of the zip. The zipper should now move smoothly. Here is a video for your reference:

These are a few simple tricks that could help you fix a stuck zipper. We hope you liked the post. Share your views in the comments box below.

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