Food Combinations That Boost Your Health

by Shivani K

Today, most people are all resorting to eating neat and clean. Gone are the days when people drooled over cheese-loaded burgers; in the present time, you can find people going gaga over smoothie bowls.

In the healthy world of foods, one can again feel spoilt for choices. There are so many options! And with each day, they only keep getting better. Almond butter, matcha smoothie bowl, overnight oats-dates pudding, zucchini noodle salads, the list just goes on and on.

And if you’re someone who has just decided to start eating healthy, you’ll find yourself in a maze of confusion. With so many varieties available, you have no idea which food serves your health better. More so, what food combinations provide you with the necessary nutrition that will make your body a happy one? Some foods are delicious alright, but when they are paired with other foods, they become all the more nutritious. How do you know about them? We’re laying down a list regarding the food combinations that will boost your health the best way. Read on.

1. Avocado + Toast


If you’re an avid Instagram user you’ll already be aware of the #toasttuesday trend; more so, you must’ve tried the simple yet exotic avocado toast. And, for those who just irked reading ‘avocado toast,’ it’s super delicious (FYI). And we’re not saying that this food combination is a match made in heaven only based on taste but also in terms of its mechanism. To help you understand better — the avocado fat slows down the mechanism of breaking down the carbs from the toast, thereby lesser carbohydrates are absorbed and changed to sugar. And it’s very easy to make, just spread the avos on the toast, sprinkle some pepper and salt, maybe add boiled eggs to up the protein quotient, and it’s ready to relish.

2. Yogurt + Almonds


Among the vitamins family, vitamin D poses many health benefits — it boosts your immune system, uplifts your mood, and makes your bones stronger (1). And if you’re having a cup of yogurt, it supplies you with a quarter of your vitamin requirement for a day. Next time you grab a cup of yogurt, we suggest that you top it with some slivered almonds to reap the best benefits from yogurt. The fat present in almonds helps raise the levels of vitamin D in our blood. So, top that yogurt bowl with almonds we say!

3. Black Pepper + Turmeric


We all are aware of cancer-fighting properties of curcumin, a substance that gives turmeric its yellow color (2). However, what we don’t realize that it’s difficult for our body to absorb and reap the benefits of curcumin on its own. Combining turmeric with black pepper (which is easy) in cooking will help our body absorb the properties of curcumin by 2000 percent!

4. Kale + Olive Oil


We’ve all heard the buzz revolving heart-healthy fats, especially olive oil. Still, many avoid indulging in it to keep their calorie counts low. However, its time you sauté your veggies like kale with olive oil now. Because most of the vegetables and greens like kale have plenty of nutrients and vitamins. And for our body to absorb these completely, we need some fats and that can be provided by olive oil. Therefore, combine your olive oil with kale or any other veggies.

5. Raisins + Pistachios


There’s a reason why health experts are promoting trail mixes of nuts these days. Studies say that eating dried nuts and fruits together will help boost one’s metabolism by great lengths (3). Together, they provide us with minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Make your trail mix at home by tossing different dried fruits and nuts together.

6. Lemon + Green Tea


When you have your cup of green tea with a squirt of this citrus fruit, the vitamin C present in lemons helps retain the antioxidant catechins of the green tea for longer duration as the tea travels down your digestive system. This helps your body observe the antioxidants better and enjoy the benefits it comes with (4).

7. Doughnuts + Coffee


We’ve reserved this food combination for the end because, well, you cannot eat doughnuts for breakfast, right? Studies say that the sugar from the doughnut combines with the caffeine provided by the java beans contribute to stimulating the cognitive function of our brains in a better manner (5). This is one of the yummiest brain-boosting foods y’all!

Every single food out there has its own nutrition value. But these food combinations when eaten together provide us with 10x nutrients. Now that you know what some of these combinations, get your apron on and start preparing smart meals!

Do you know of any other food combinations that are beneficial for our overall health? Let us know in the comments section below.

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