8 Foods That Make Your Arms Flabby

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Ok, be honest when you answer this; have you ever stood before your minor and checked out your arm flab? That tiny wriggly little fat sack can take your confidence away, and no matter how you try to conceal it in full sleeves, it shows! You may not believe it, but there are some foods that lead to the making of flab heap under your arms.

Arm flabs are as stubborn as belly fat and need to be reduced with intense training and workout. Go through this list to know which foods add to flabby arms and what you should keep out of your plate to keep your arms lean and toned.

1. Red Meat

Red Meat
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Eating red meat helps in gaining weight and building muscles. Steak contains creatine, leucine, and nutrients that increase muscle mass (1). The protein helps in bodily growth and maintaining a good physique. If you eat red meat every other day, your body may store the excess fat in your belly and arms and make your body flabby. If you want to retain the goodness of red meat, you must devote yourself to regular workouts and training.

2. Refined Flour

Refined Flour
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Refined flour like white bread contains added sugar and has a high glycemic index (2). Having white bread brings a 40% greater risk of obesity and weight gain(3). Also, it’s a myth that if you have white bread, it will sustain you for a long time. It will stimulate your hunger and make you binge on food even more. The more you indulge in refined carbs, the more it will increase the fat on your arms and belly.

3. Butter

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Butter contains up to 102 calories in a tablespoon (4). Having too much butter will stack up calories and save it in the form of fat in your arms and belly. It does have a lot of benefits, but if you don’t have an active lifestyle, it’s better to keep the extra scoop at bay.

4. Confectionery

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It’s no surprise that junk food can make you gain weight like no other. These evergreen favorites are easy to get, and you can munch them just to be out of boredom. However, they are made with excess sugar and make you gain unhealthy fat. They also aggravate heart conditions and diabetes and accumulate fat under your arms.

5. Aerated Drinks

Aerated Drinks
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If you have an addiction to fizzy drinks, there is not one reason why you should quit this habit. Aerated drinks have tremendous amounts of calories. This is almost like having a glass of water with 7 heap spoons of sugar. Even though they are high in calories, they will make you feel even hungrier in a few hours. The more you stuff yourself, the more you gain flabs on your body.

6. Alcohol

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Alcohol has properties that stop your body from burning fats. This makes you feel hungry even if you are full. The more you drink, the less you can focus on your food choices. Even adding fruit juices and syrups and making a cocktail out of your drink will only make it more sugary and spike up your insulin. It is best to keep alcohol out of your daily consumption list.

7. Juice

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This might surprise you, as juice is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of healthy eating. But juices contain many preservatives and sugar and have the same effect on your body as a cocktail. It leads to a hike in insulin and fat accumulation in your body.

8. Sweets

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Ask a sweet tooth, and they will tell you how miserable it feels to go a day without indulging yourself in sweet dishes. We understand the sugar spike on festivals, but indulging in sweet snacks regularly might do more harm than you think. The sugar rush will end in enormous amounts of calories resting in your body in the form of unhealthy fats and add to your tummy and arm fat.

Easy Ways To Reduce Arm Fat

Easy Ways To Reduce Arm Fat
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Even though it may seem very disheartening to see that loose flab of fat under your arm, the good news is, there are ways to tone it down in time. It might require a little more dedication than other places, but you will surely get there with a bit of persistence and hard work. Here are some proven ways that aid in toning arm fat.

  • Targeted exercise
  • Bicep curls
  • Fat burning exercise
  • Cardiovascular exercise
  • Changing eating patterns
  • Drinking water
  • Stretching
  • Dips
  • Swimming
  • Tricep kickbacks

Flabby arms can come in the way of your confidence and restrict you from wearing your favorite clothes. But now that you know what foods to avoid and what to eat, maintaining lean and toned hands is no more a difficult task. So, do you have any tricks to keeping fat accumulation minimal? Let us know in the comments section! Take care.

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