11 Foods That’ll Tighten Your Tummy

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Even if we end up skipping parties and social gatherings all year long, there’s one party which we all want to attend and look our best while doing so — the New Year’s Eve party! Isn’t it right? All through the year we’ve craved and indulged in foods that are nothing less than sins to our bodies. But with the New Year approaching so fast, we mean, it’s just a few weeks away peeps! And what’s special about this New Year? We’re entering a whole new decade of the 2020s *hearts eyes*! Most of us would have already made up our mind that we need to hit the gym or start following our favorite fitness coach’s videos in the comfort of our home itself. There’s no harm in making up your mind to do this!

Foods Thatll Tighten Your Tummy
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It’s always a good idea to start walking on the healthy route even if we’re doing it for a New Year party alone! So, in this battle of the bulge, if there’s a tough opponent that we need to fight against in a deadly manner, it has to be the belly fat. We all end up skipping food in order to tighten our tummies. The question is how far do we succeed by skipping meals? The answer is— we’ll never achieve it because we end up having a bloated tummy instead of a tight, slender one. You’ll be surprised to know that there are quite a good number of foods that are good for both, your taste buds and your waistline. They’re going to keep that bloating stomach away and they’re going to help you flaunt a tightened belly. Here, give this a read and take a note of them.

1. Avocados

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Native to the Americans, this yummilicious, buttery fruit is gaining popularity worldwide at a rapid pace. Merely half of an avocado is known to contain ten whole grams of monosaturated fats. Now, before you start thinking, “but fat is bad for health,” these are the good fats that help maintain the blood sugar levels of the body. Bad sugar levels are what lead to fat storage around your waist.

Avocados also help in absorbing carotenoids, the cancer-fighting compounds which are found in vegetables and fruits (1).

2. Bananas

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Bananas are the fruits that boast of very high potassium levels in them. It has minerals that fight the belly-bloating sodium in our bodies (2).

3. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt
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Having a cup of Greek yogurt a day promotes the growth of all kinds of good bacteria in your gut. It is these bacteria that help throw out the bad microbes that lead to belly swelling. Greek yogurt is much more than just a creamy cup of goodness; it is a combination of proteins and carbs which normalize and stabilize insulin levels in the body. An imbalanced insulin level asks hormones to store fat in the form of calories (3). This will prevent you from gaining a flat, tightened tummy.

4. Citrus Foods

Citrus Foods
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Isn’t this like a supermarket shocker? Well, vitamin C found in colorful fruits and vegetables like lemon, oranges, and bell peppers will actually help us in zapping a whopping thirty percent more of fats while exercising (4). That’s a boon to speed up your tummy tightening process, isn’t it?

5. Whole Grains

Whole Grains
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All you carb lovers out there, rejoice! Brown rice, oatmeal, bulgur, etc. contain filling fibers that help in keeping the body’s insulin levels low (5). Eating them will help shrink fat cells faster like never before.

6. Almonds And Other Raw Nuts

Almonds And Other Raw Nuts
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These nuts are excellent sources of proteins, magnesium, fiber, healthy monosaturated fats, and vitamin E (6). Consuming them will keep hunger at bay and they also provide you with a great source of energy to carry out your workouts efficiently and religiously.

7. Tomatoes

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Tomato, a fruit, is regarded to be high in sodium, potassium, and water. It is a natural diuretic that helps to flush out excess elements that make the stomach bloat (7). To top it off, they are also rich in fiber and help in regulating digestion.

8. Quinoa

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This whole grain has been proven by many for banishing belly fat and making tummy tighter in no time. It is because this holy grain contains nearly 11 grams of protein and is also ultra-satisfying, preventing you from crash eating or binging away to glory (8).

9. Asparagus

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This is known to be an anti-inflammatory vegetable that is high in vitamins A and C; it also helps in accelerating the fat-burning mechanism of the body (9). It helps you get rid of all the water weight and leaves you with a tighter tummy.

10. Berries

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Consider them as the best treats you can get your hands on while aiming at a tighter tummy. Because they come packed with antioxidants and fiber which are both essential to maintain a lean tummy (10).

11. Apples

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An apple a day not just keeps the doctor away; it also helps in achieving your six-pack abs dream a little faster. It is not just packed with fiber and protein, it also aids in good digestion and promotes weight loss (11).

It’s hard to believe that the above-mentioned yummy foods actually help in inching towards a tightened tummy, right? The truth has been revealed peeps! What are you waiting for? Go get started!

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