French Lifestyle Secrets That Are Worth Dying For

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French women are often regarded as the pinnacle of elegance and grace across the world; and we can’t deny that they are absolutely flawless in the way they carry themselves. The fact that they can be so stunning without trying, is mind-boggling. So if you would like to know the secret behind their look, we are here to spill some beans. Read on to know them all!

1. They Prefer Painless Manicures

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Despite its global appeal, the so-called “French manicure” is not the manicure most French women do on their nails. They maintain their natural nail health with light manicures, and without the use of gel paint.

2. They Prefer To Use Micellar Water

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Micellar water is commonly used by most French women. This is not very surprising, as tap water can be rather harsh and may cause dryness and peeling of the skin. To avoid this skin dryness, micellar water is a must-have. Along with effectively removing makeup, it also unclogs pores. So who wants to try micellar water!

3. They Pamper Their Face With Massages

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You must have heard that a facial massage has positive effects on your health. Consistent and proper practice has been shown to minimize edema, tighten skin, and even delay the aging process. This type of massage has been shown to reduce stress and maintain the complexion of French women.

4. They May Not Be A Fan Of Push-Up Bras

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Most French ladies are not die-hard fans of push-up bras or huge bras. They give some thought to how they look, but comfort and authenticity are of far more importance. The snug silhouettes of body suits, bralettes, & lace tops are a favorite among French women.

5. They Like To Walk A Lot

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The French lifestyle may explain why the country has such a modest percentage of obese individuals. Everyone knows that eating well and being active is essential for keeping the weight down. This is because French women tend to eat smaller quantities of natural, healthful meals. However, a lot of walking is essential. Since driving in French cities may be difficult, many French women choose to walk long distances between their homes and their workplaces.

6. Most Of Them Snack While Cooking

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It might be tough to eat moderately after a long day at work because you’ll probably be ravenously hungry. But French women usually have a treat waiting for them after they get home, which is a great way to unwind after a long day. Almonds and olives with hummus are their go-to pre-dinner munchies.

7. They Prefer Black Coffee

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Most French women prefer their black coffee, sans sugar or cream. It’s not very appetizing, but they say the secret is in the cooking. Brewing coffee with fresh, high-quality beans on a paper yields the greatest flavor. It looks and tastes so delicious, no sweetener will be necessary.

8. They Love Food

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We know that French women don’t eat a lot. The French treat their noon meal almost as a religious observance. French ladies are so fastidious that they never eat in front of the television or while perusing a magazine or book. The love they have for cooking is palpable in every bite. This not only aids in reducing their food intake but also allows them to unwind as they eat.

9. They Choose Comfort With Style

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Most people believe that French women are fond of delicate clothes. However, this is not always the case. Camille Rowe, a French model, recently said that she enjoys wearing loose-fitting cotton pants.

10. They Prefer Their Natural Hair Texture

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The French are renowned for their sleek, straight hair. You can pull off this look with a few additional accessories. For French women, “Leave your hair alone” is rule number one. They wash their hair no more than twice a week, don’t use heat styling tools, and never go to bed with wet locks. Once a week before they wash, apply a hair mask & oil their hair.

No matter which nationality or culture you choose, you will find that each one has a unique essence of its own. Even though we can’t say for sure if every French woman in the world follows these norms, the majority of them swear that these are what help them come off as sassy and classy. While these secrets might make you want to incorporate them into your own lifestyle, you need to be sure of what suits you and what does not. So what is it about the French beauty and lifestyle secrets that you like the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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