15 Fun Things To Do With Your Old Man This Father’s Day

by Niharika Nayak

You must be really excited to be celebrating Father’s Day with your dad this year. Thanks to an ease in social distancing restrictions, we will get to spend our day celebrating with our dear old dads. You can take your dad traveling all across town or do something in the comfort of your own backyard. So now that you can hang out with your dear family members, we have a couple of ways for you to celebrate this special father’s day. Here are thirteen fun activities to do with your dad on Father’s Day:

1. Backyard Movie Night

Backyard Movie Night


Who doesn’t love a Backyard movie night? If your dad lives in a home with a backyard, get yourself a projector and drive on down to spend a night by the barbecue. One of the most fun ways to celebrate Father’s day would be in a backyard barbecue with some of your favorite childhood movies playing in the background. So gather some of your dad’s most favorite snacks and goodies, fill your bucket with ice and beers, set up some chairs in your backyard, put up the projector, and have a blast!

2. Go Fishing

Go Fishing


If your dad loves to spend time by the lake, you should consider taking him on a boating trip. A fun way to celebrate Father’s Day is by going fishing and boating. If you can’t find a good spot nearby, you can even go on a short road trip. If neither you nor your dad has fishing poles, you can borrow one from friends or rent one.

3. Have A Cookout

Have A Cookout


One way to have a fun Father’s Day is to have a cookout and see who’s food tastes the best! If your dad is a grill master and really loves to cook, you should totally have a cookout with him and prepare some delicious food.

4. Do Something DIY

Do Something DIY


If your dad is quite the DIY craftsman, then it’s a fun idea to make a cute gift together. If you have younger siblings, you can include them and ask them to give their inputs. There are plenty of DIY kits available online that could be of help to you.

5. Go Axe Throwing

Go Axe Throwing


Axe throwing may be a little more intense for some people, but many others enjoy this activity. If your dad has never tried this, you can surprise him with it. However, there may be certain age restrictions and health requirements. So keep that in mind when you are planning this activity.

6. Go Beer/Wine Tasting

Go BeerWine Tasting


Keep a lookout for listings that feature beer tasting events or if there is a local beer festival happening around. If your dad prefers wine and whiskey, you could take him to a posh restaurant. For beer lovers, the local brewpub you’ve been meaning to take him to earlier might be the best place to go! Order a few flights of beer and see what you prefer.

7. Attend A Cooking Class

Attend A Cooking Class


One way to bond with your dear old dad would be to attend a cooking class with him. Cooking classes can be a great way to improve on your skills and learn something new. But, as they say, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s probably why your dad has such a big belly (JK).

8. Visit A Museum

Visit A Museum


If your dad is a history buff, you should definitely consider taking him to a museum. Go into exploration mode and relive your childhood by hitting your favorite childhood museum. Even if you cannot hit the museum, you can consider going to a zoo instead.

9. Go Bowling

Go Bowling


Bowling is another fun way to take a trip down memory lane and celebrate Father’s Day with your dad. Give your dad a throwback to his childhood in the 80s and sharpen your bowling ball throwing skills.

10. Have A Family Game Night

Have A Family Game Night


If you and your family grew up playing board games like Monopoly or Game of Life, you should consider having a junk food-filled game night with all of them. Spend father’s day challenging your dad at all of his favorite games.

11. Go For A Hike

Go For A Hike


Hikes make for a fun Father’s Day activity. If you and your dad spent your childhood hiking across the country, one fun way to celebrate Father’s Day would be to take him to his favorite hiking spot. Spending time outdoors is a great way to bond with your dad.

12. Head To A Sports Bar

Head To A Sports Bar


If your dad is a massive fan of sports like football or basketball, take him on a fun beer, onion rings, and chicken wings filled night at your favorite sports bar. You can include your friends in on this fun night as well.

13. Play Some Basketball

Play Some Basketball


Suppose you and your dad are the sporty kinds, what better way to celebrate Father’s Day than playing your favorite sport. So whether your dad is a basketball fan or a football fan, you can spend the day trying to beat his high score.

14. Take Him To An Escape Room

Take Him To An Escape Room


Escape rooms are a fun way to put two quizzical minds to their ultimate test. If you and your dad both enjoy solving puzzles, it’s a good idea to take him to an escape room and work together to solve the game.

15. Go On A Trip To The Beach/ A Lake

Go On A Trip To The Beach A Lake


Everyone loves trips down to the beach. If you lived by the coast, beaches were probably some of your favorite childhood memories. And what’s more, you could even participate in some water-sport activities while you are there!

In the end, no matter what activity you choose to do, we’re sure your dad will love it, and it will be a fun time all around. So make sure that you take some time out of your schedule to plan these activities. Do let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comment section below.

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