7 Super Fun And Exciting Tips To Host The Best Holi Party At Home

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The festival of Holi is all about letting loose and going crazy with all your favorite colors of the rainbow. As they say, the more, the merrier, and this is especially true in regards to celebrating Holi. However, due to the pandemic, many people have had to either put their celebrations on a dampener or have decided not to celebrate the festival altogether. While it is always advisable to refrain from throwing large parties and avoid crowds, we understand that you may want to hold a small gathering with all of your close friends and loved ones. So if you’re down to try out some new things and get your party planning hat on, then we have a few good tips that you can make use of:

1. Send Out Fun Themed Invites

Send Out Fun Themed Invites
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Sure, you may be thinking, “Holi is so informal, so why should I even bother sending out invites?”. However, it’s always a good idea to send out invitation cards, even in the event of an informal gathering. This shows your guests that you really put some time and effort into inviting them, and they may feel less inclined to bail on the party. Make sure you find out whether your friends are free beforehand, and then send out the invites at least three to four days in advance. You can follow up the next day via call and confirm one day before the party. One cute way to make invites is to buy some nice handmade paper, write a cute message on the invitation, add a pack of gulal and send the letter to your friends via post (or drop it through their door).

2. Make An Upbeat And Peppy Playlist

Make An Upbeat And Peppy Playlist
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Look, no party that celebrates the festival of Holi can be complete without the typical Balam Pichkari, Rang Barse, and Holi Ke Din. Get your musical hat on and plan out a fun playlist that you and your friends can groove to. Hit the highest volume setting, and have a blast! You can even play some karaoke on your TV and sing along to all your most favorite kinds of music. So don’t just play and dance to Holi songs; sing them as well.

3. Show Off Your Pani Puri-Making Skills

Show Off Your Pani Puri-Making Skills
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After you’ve had your fun chasing each other around and playing with colors, you’ve probably worked up quite an intense appetite. Well, we’ve got you covered! One fun way to celebrate Holi is to show off your pani puri-making skills. Since pani puri is super easy to prepare, they make for the best Holi snack after a long day of singing karaoke.

4. Keep The Drinks Flowing

Keep The Drinks Flowing
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Even if you want to keep bhang laced thandai off the menu, that doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge in other drinks. Find out how many of your friends are teetotalers and how many are drinkers, and plan your drinks menu accordingly. You can keep a mix of cocktails, mocktails, and even some simple fruit juices around at your party.

5. Use Dry Allergy Free Colors

Use Dry Allergy Free Colors
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If you do plan on using colors, make sure that you use the safe kind of colors. Sure, we might have grown up using water to celebrate Holi; it’s a bad idea to do so now as it would involve a lot of water wastage. Water is a precious resource that we must make sure we conserve, and using wild colors is not the brightest idea. If you decide that you don’t want to play with colors this year, you can instead throw flowers and petals at your friends. Sure, this can be equally messy, but at least it won’t cause irritation or stained clothes. This is also apt if you live around elderly folks who won’t appreciate being smeared with gulal.

6. Stick To An All-White Dress Code

Stick To An All-White Dress Code
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Holi is no fun if everyone is wearing dark colors. The whole point of Holi is that this is the one time of the year that you can show up with stained clothes, and nobody will say a thing. So don’t be afraid to wear your lightest shade of clothes and ensure that you are drenched in bright colors. So ask all of your guests to wear their best all-white ensembles and show off their Holi skills.

7. Prepare Some Rainbow Themed Desserts

Prepare Some Rainbow Themed Desserts
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Since Holi is also a festival that celebrates the onset of Spring, why not have some spring and rainbow-themed desserts at your party, right? One fun way to make sure that everyone is having a great time is to ensure that you keep the drinks and the desserts flowing. If you and your friends have indulged in some bhang-laced thandai, then we guarantee that you will be reaching for all the delicious food to satisfy your cravings.

Sure, Holi might not be celebrated with the typical aplomb that you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have a good time! Just make sure that you’ve catered to all of your friends’ needs and that you have as much fun as you can with your limited resources. Do let us know if these tips were helpful to you in the comment section below!

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