12 Genius Tricks Borrowed From Royals That Make You Look Flawless

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Royals attract our attention like no other! Did you ever look at a member of the Royal family and wonder, how are they so picture-perfect always? Be it their dress, hair, makeup, or the way they present themselves, it’s really challenging to find flaws in them. The fact that they are also humans like us strikes a ray of hope that if we try, we can also be as graceful as they are! The basics of royalty like the following etiquette, maintaining posture, and being polite are not secret anymore, so we at Stylecraze made a list of unusual hacks that help Royals maintain their edge in public. Read on to know all of them!

1. Position Your Headgear Right

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You must have noticed most Royals wear gorgeous headgears when they appear in public. They do it in such a way that it compliments their face rather than hides it. If you have a hat that matches your dress, make sure you find the right angle at which it will compliment your looks.

2. Be Bright

Be Bright
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One thing we can learn from Queen Elizabeth II is, always stand out in the crowd. Of course, she is the Queen, and we would recognize her no matter what, but with the colors she wears, she can’t go unnoticed! So the next time you are skeptical about picking a bright dress, remember the Queen!

3. Exercise Your Face

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Yes, it’s rare to spot a double chin on a royal, but that doesn’t mean that it comes with the title! The secret is to engage in facial exercises to keep your jawline flawless always. Additionally, we strongly feel the amount of ‘smile time’ Royals have to do for pictures definitely adds to sculpting their face!

4. Apply Eyeshadow In Three Steps

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In case you are new to eyeshadow as a part of your regular makeup, the Royals will tell you how to do it right. Using three shades instead of one gives depth to your eyes and makes them look more bold and beautiful.

5. Brighten Your Skin With Rosehip Oil

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Flawless skin doesn’t come without effort, but once you know the secrets, it’s not much of work. Every Royal has secrets to maintaining radiant skin, and for the Duchess, it is Rosehip oil. She never steps out without it!

6. Get A Bold Haircut

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Princess Diana’s pixie haircut was iconic, and we love that she never hid behind her hair. So if you have a unique look in mind, don’t hold back. It might make you a trendsetter!

7. Keep Your Lips Hydrated

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Having parched lips is out of the question when it comes to being a Royal. Keeping your lips perfectly lush and pretty requires proper care. Royals make sure they protect their lips with lip balms that have SPF over 15 and keep themselves hydrated always.

8. Control Flyaways With A Toothbrush

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No matter how tightly you tie your hair, within a span of an hour, flyaway will fall all over your face. Royals have dealt with this problem with easy tools such as a toothbrush! Simply brush away the tiny hairs from your face and spray your hair to keep the hairstyle intact for long.

9. Stick To Nude Nail Polish

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You must have noticed, Royals have beautifully manicured hands, but the nail colors do not hurt your eyes! Instead of going clear polish, Kate Middleton decided to keep it nude to make her hands look even more elegant.

10. Use A Highlighter On Your Nose

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If you thought highlighter was for your cheeks alone, you were probably not using it right. The flawless nose of Royals comes from using highlight at the bridge of your nose to even out the attention from the tip.

11. Use The Makeup Trick

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When you are getting ready for a party, always remember the magic number rule. Mary Greenwell, the makeup artist of Princess Diana, taught her that you can go bold on two elements of makeup but never three. So if you are going for bold eyes and bright lipstick, keep the blush low.

12. Use A Hairnet For Bun

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If you want your hair bun to be perfect, you can take the ballerina trick from the Duchess of Cambridge. She believes in putting her bun in invisible hair nets to keep her hair in the right place.

So now that you know what it takes to look like a princess, being flawless won’t be a problem anymore! Always remember to be yourself and not put a lot of thought into what people will think of you. Once you hold your head up high, there is no chance of your tiara falling! So, do you have a favorite when it comes to the Royals? Mention her in the comments below!

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