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Written by Tanya Choudhary, ISSA Certified Specialist In Fitness & Nutrition  • 

Yeah it’s the night of all nights
Gotta look just right,
Dressing to impress the boys!

Twinkling overhead lights, masses of finely dressed counterparts, fountains of never-touched-before punches, soft and melodramatic music, and a slow dance with someone you like – it’s no wonder that prom is, and has always been, one of the best nights of teenage girls’ life. They want to look like an avatar of their favorite actress, and grace the dance hall with their undeniable charms to impress the one they are going to dance with (remember how the drastic change in Hermione at the Yule Ball had left people in awe?).

Now, here we are to show you some tips and tricks for your (mini) big day. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and become the princess of your prom!

1. Easy Prom Hairstyle Tutorial

Loose princess style bun with soft curls like Taylor Swift to make our own Love Story come true, or shiny and wavy like the night sky with a tiara as Gabriella Montez for A Night To Remember? Choosing the perfect hairstyle for the prom can be tricky, especially when it comes to matching it with your decided dress. No worries, girl! We have come up with a tutorial to guide you through one simple-to-make hairdo that will gel with all types of hair types and dresses, making your night even more special.

2. Best Hairstyle For Prom Night 2016

Believe it or not, high school kids await the spring night of prom just like a child awaits her daddy’s return from the workplace for her favorite piece of candy! Enthusiasm mixed with anxiety! Oh, what if I won’t look that impressive? What if I trip on my dress’ tail? What would he think? Heck, what would everybody think?And the biggest one – what if someone has styled her hair same as me? Trust me, we understand your troubles, and hence, we have this video for you, giving you steps to take you through one of the most distinct hairstyles of all time. Check it out!

3. 3 Simple Home Remedies For Glowing Skin

Teenage skin is like a trial ground for breakouts and dullness, owing to the drastic change in the hormones one faces in their years of puberty. But, this cannot stop us from looking all polished and shiny for the big night ahead. We all have come to the conclusion that market products can do wonders on the skin, but may harm our pretty skin on the long run. Chill, girl! What are we here for? Go through this video that features three simple home remedies that will fetch you glowing and flawless skin overnight!

4. Vodka Hair Mask For Shiny Hair

Girls, first take permission, okay? We are not advising you to sneak out your Dad’s stock of liquor (Wink! Wink!), but asking him for a fine bottle of vodka for overnight hair treatment is a good option. Or, you can even show him this video! Heh..heh…I hope he’ll get convinced. Anyhow, coming back to the point, vodka works fabulously in bringing back the luster of your mane, and isn’t it what we all need for the prom night? Try out this undeniably fantastic mask for glossy and tangle-free hair that will add a spark to your hairstyle.

5. Fantastic DIY Pedicure At Home

I spread a red carpet for you in front of my house
Walk over here, I’ll treat you like a princess,
Oh, My Cinderella!

Oh! How we wish to become a Cinderella to our Prince Charming, who would love and cherish us forever. But, for becoming Cinderella, don’t we all need to have beautiful feet that can take the beauty of glass stilettos to degrees higher? Ahaan! Now, you get what you are gonna do! Just follow our tutorial to get a step-by-step analysis for a perfect pedicure that can be done in the confines of your home, without spending your beloved pocket money!

Ah..We just hope that we could be of help in bringing out the best in you for your prom night! But, remember, whatever people say – Bruno Mars thinks that You Are Amazing Just The Way You Are!

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