8 Girl Habits That Drive Men Crazy, Number 5 Will Surprise You!

Written by Indrani Karmakar  • 

When we say crazy, it’s not the good kind of crazy for sure! Every woman can relate to that moment when your man does something ridiculous, and it urges you to rip your hair out! Well, same, but the only difference is that men have similar feelings about things you do! It may seem absurd that your man who is usually reactionless is capable of so many feelings, but men have emotions too. There are many things girls do that they don’t particularly like and make them crazy. Curious to know what they are? Here is a list of some things men may smile at but hate for real! Read on to know them all!

1.Eating Off His Plate


Well, to start with, let’s just accept that most men are Joey, and they don’t share food! So if you have ordered a garden salad and questioned his unhealthy choice of food, don’t try to take a fry off his plate. Men hate it, and as soon as the wooing period ends, sooner or later, he will tell you that he despises it. The best thing to do is order what you feel like eating and if you like what’s on his plate, take an extra plate of the same dish.

2.Tidying Up His Room


You would think why he is so grumpy when all you did was clean up his stuff! But think about it, it’s his stuff, and he probably doesn’t care much about the house except for his own little space. So even if you feel the game controller doesn’t belong on the bed and the shirt doesn’t look good hanging at the back of his chair, let it be! It will be hard for you if you are extremely neat but if he is happy in his little den of untidiness, just keep the room locked when guests walk in!

3.Partying Everyday


If you say you have plans with your friends all weekend, he might not be able to stop you with any logical reasoning, but he will surely be grumpy about it all day! It’s not the same even if you invite him to the party. Most men don’t enjoy loud spaces and music. They might be in for adventure once in a while, but everyday night outs from your end will only give him anxiety.



Don’t get us wrong about this, men gossip too, and in some cases, they really enjoy the juicy gossip you provide them. But no one wants to be with someone who’s more interested in other’s lives than their own. If you are in the early phases of your relationship, when you talk about your best friend’s boyfriend, he will only be nervous about what you tell your best friend about him!

5.Taking Too Much Time To Get Dressed


The age-old war between men and women is that women take too long to dress up. Considering that bathing, makeup, choosing an outfit, and styling your hair are all a part of getting ready, it does take time to do it all. The only way to beat it is to keep your outfit ready and start getting ready an hour ahead of time.

6.Taking Up His Space


Men don’t really own much stuff, but that doesn’t mean he wants your stuff in his space! For example, if you need to keep your curler, straightener, face wash, hand cream, moisturizer, comb, brush, and lotion in the washroom, you might arrange for a separate cabinet. This way, you can also maintain cleanliness and keep your products safe from getting misplaced.

7.Dropping Hints


Women and men don’t function or think the same way, so it’s useless thinking they will grasp the hints the same way you do. Men like simple conversations where you give them exact instructions about what is to be done. To think about it, men are pretty simple. Just be open and honest about your wants. Vocalize your needs and they will be met. They value communication. If you want something specific for your birthday, let him know and he will do his best to get it for you.You can always act surprised later on!

8.Crying (For A Reason They Can’t Comprehend)


Men are not insensitive, provided they figure out why you are sad. Men are problem solvers, and they will first investigate to find out what made your cry. Then, if it is something valid, they will try their best to solve it and bring back your smile. But if, god forbid, it is something they can’t comprehend, they will need your help to figure out how best to comfort you.

So now that you know what makes your man mad, you can find solutions for them and stop them from scratching their heads to figure things out. The bottom line is to be yourself without getting under each other’s skin. So ladies, is there something we missed out that makes your man really crazy? Let us know in the comments section!

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