Why, In Fact, Girls Do Have All The Fun!

by Shivani K

Do you remember that one particular line that you heard the elder folks constantly chant in your ears when you were a little girl? Well, if you have trouble recollecting, let’s help you with it —“You should be playing with dolls, why are you choosing the cars instead?” or something even more familiar like “Itna kyu padhna chahti hai? Akhir me tujhe shaadi hi to karni hai, aur sasural sambhalna hai. (Why do you want to study so much? In the end, you have to get married and manage your household.)”

Does this sound familiar to you women out there? We can definitely imagine you all nodding your heads in agreement. We all are aware of this, that for eons, our society has been primarily governed by patriarchy and has been constrained by its conservative norms. However, of late, this age-old concept is witnessing a slow but a rather significant change. More and more women are daring to spread their wings and explore their lives outside of their homes, outside the confines of this patriarchal society.

Women are amazing, aren’t they? No wonder there are innumerable poems and songs dedicated to women. History has shown us that even the greatest of personalities have put in efforts to gain the attention of women. And why wouldn’t they? After all, women are wonderful! They are loving and caring, beautiful and smart, funny and resourceful, and the list can go on and on. But our list here only focusses on one thing — that girls do have all the fun. Let’s read together and find out how.

1. Multitasking Is In Their Blood


Men love to call themselves perfectionists and complain that they can’t really have fun always because of the pressure of their jobs. Men, you need to learn a lot from the women out there. They are quick at their work and perfect too. In fact, they love multitasking, and we’ll tell you why. They multitask to get done with their work quickly and spend the rest of their evening sipping some wine while listening to their favorite songs. Can the other gender do it? Ummm, we don’t think so!

2. They’re The Best Cheerleaders Ever


Personally, for us, our mothers are the best cheerleaders. Be it at a game or in a life crisis, moms often don their cheerleading face and perform the coolest moves that instantly turn our jittery life into a glittery world. Almost all of us have that one memory where our mother has cheered us on, and the entire world stood in awe of her, right? And it’s not that they are compelled to do so due to an obligation, they love doing it, and they have fun while doing it! Find us a much more fun and genuine cheerleader than a mom, while we wait for the sun to rise from the west.

3. Age Ain’t No Barrier For Women


You can never picture a group of women, irrespective of their age, to sit idle and be quiet, without speaking to each other. When a group of women get together, their greetings are converted into a contagious laughter-and-giggles session almost instantly. Even my granny’s group has its own share of gossip, laughter, wine, and of course, some killer dance moves. They sure know how to age gracefully and still have all the fun.

4. They Are The Best Wardrobe-Friends


All that the other gender does is, show off their latest gadgets and accessories. But women aren’t that way. They love to shop together and have fun together. And as much as they love showing off the latest additions to their wardrobe, they also love to dress their girlfriends and make sure they all look great together, wherever they go. “Oh! You don’t have a blue top? Wait, let me check my wardrobe if I could find one, you can borrow it.” Women are sweet, aren’t they?

5. Women Are Blameless


This is something that every girl will admit to before promptly denying it, for sure, that women are a walking mass of contradictions. They’re sweet but envious. They’re caring but callous. They know exactly what they want in life but they simply cannot decide which dress to wear for a party. They might seem all confused and ditzy, but hey, they are women alright! They have fun and they don’t really have to accept the blame for any mishap whatsoever (winks).

So, maybe it’s the men who get to call all the shots and be the official rulers of the world. But, life is too short, right? And we realize that it’s in our home and with our family that we want to spend most of our precious time. And when you say home, who is the ruler there? It’s the women in your life! Women have forever shouldered equal responsibility with their men. Yet they are never recognized; maybe it’s because they neither broadcast it worldwide nor do they crib over it. They are seen having fun in all the situations that life puts them in. They know how to make life love them back.

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