21 Gorgeous-Looking Watercolor Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Want To Get Inked

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Gone are the days when getting a tattoo was synonymous with desecrating your body. Now, getting inked with indelible art is the way our millennial generation expresses itself. And not just the mango people, mind you, the stars do it too! From Lady Gaga to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, getting inked is the new it thing.

Now, if after reading this you are thinking what is new in this? Hold your horses, dear reader, we are talking about a new type of tattoo, one which will put you ahead of the curve and make you the next Instagram sensation! Want to know what I am talking about?

Watercolor tattoos — and they are exactly as beautiful and artistic as it sounds. While traditional tattoos are bound by solid shapes and black boundary lines, watercolor tattoos are more fluid and give more leeway to be creative. It’s literally about making your body your canvas.

So, if you are looking for some inspiration for your first tattoo or whether you want new ideas to an existing collection, these are some of our favorite picks, do have a look.

1. When The Universe Is The Limit

Image: Pinterest

Whether you are an astronomy nerd or not, this beautiful solar system is sure an arresting piece of body art, that would be the perfect piece to inaugurate the beginning of your living canvas.

2. These Beautiful Blooms

Image: Pinterest

If you are looking for something that is delicate and spectacular at the same time, look no further than this beautiful piece of body art. These poppy blooms are the only ones that can do some justice to their real-life counterparts.

3. This Magical Creature

Image: Pinterest

Okay, so this is not a true watercolor tattoo but just look at this beautiful hybrid and tell me you don’t want to rush to a tattoo parlor and get inked.

4. This Little Fellow Ready To Take Flight

Image: Pinterest

Hummingbird is a crowd favorite when it comes to popular tattoo inspirations, but this particular piece takes the cake!

5. For When You Have Found The One To Grow Old With

Image: Pinterest

Maybe, you’ve already found the love of your life or maybe you’ve been with them for a while now, in any case, this perfect vision of your future would be a great way to celebrate your love.

6. This One Is For The Bibliophiles

Image: Pinterest

If you are a book lover who found true companionship and company in your leafy little friends, then this is the tattoo for you. It will be the perfect homage to your little friends.

7. The Wonders Of Nature

Image: Pinterest

Another hummingbird tattoo, this one captures the dignified beauty of the creature in its habitat. A must for those who love nature and want to carry a part of it with them.

8. For The Water Babies

Image: Pinterest

If you love water or if you, by any chance, were a fan of The Little Mermaid then this is the tattoo for you. Done in shades of blue and purple, it has an essence of ethereal beauty.

9. For The Adventurer

Image: Pinterest

If you are a curious cat or someone who always has questions for the universe, then this is our pick for you. A calf-tattoo, this one is unique in its placement as well as its subject.

10. This Sole Blossom With A Special Message

Image: Pinterest

This dainty piece would be the perfect art for your back. The flowering bloom gives a much-needed splash of color whereas the long stem can be a quote from a book or poem, dear to you.

11. For The Love Of Hedwig

Image: Pinterest

This is for all the Harry Potter fans, in remembrance of their beloved Hedwig. He deserved better.

12. This Physics Experiment

Image: Pinterest

You might know that a prism splits white light into seven layers, but this beautiful illustration of this scientific principle does a better job of showing it, doesn’t it?

13. For Those Who Have A Lot More To Say

Image: Pinterest

This colorful semicolon encourages you to add more to your story. Perfect for those who are looking for something with minimalism and depth of meaning.

14. To Celebrate Your Inner Wonder Woman

Image: Pinterest

Mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, friend, philosopher, and guide — this is for you if you want to own your inner wonder woman.

15. This Is For Those Who Seek Some Drama

Image: Pinterest

This flamboyant tattoo is perfect for those who believe in the mantra — go big or go home. If you are someone who loves bold colors, and designs, this would be a perfect tattoo for you.

16. This Delicate Heart For Your Sweetheart

Image: Pinterest

It is exactly what it is — a small celebration of your love. A very different alternative to getting your SO’s name inked.

17. When You Want To Celebrate The True Disney Heroes

Image: Pinterest

This one is for those who believe that the Disney villains were just women who were dealt an unfair hand by life. Celebrate the grey in your life with this tattoo!

18. For Your True Inspiration

Image: Pinterest

This is the perfect ode to Van Gogh and Fight Club — get your inner pop culture nerd excited. It is the most ingenious way of celebrating your interests.

19. For Friends That Stayed With You

Image: Pinterest

This one is for all those Harry Potter fanboys, celebrate your favorite book with this exquisite watercolor body art.

20. For Your Inner Emo Child

Image: Pinterest

For those who want to go back to the basics — a black watercolor tattoo.

21. When You Reach For The Stars

Image: Pinterest

Lastly, this one which captures constellations in all their beauty can be your way of owning a little bit of sky. If you wish to, you can also get your zodiac in the constellations.

So, did these beautiful pieces of body art inspire you to get one yourself? Let us know which one you liked best in the comments section.

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