Morning Vs Night: Your Guide To Exfoliating Right

by Shivani K

Ladies, if you want radiant skin, then we suggest you make exfoliation a part of your skincare regime. Irrespective of your skin type — dry, oily, or combination of both — it is exfoliation that will provide you with younger-looking skin. Exfoliation not just brightens or lightens up your skin, it also makes your skin softer, smoother, and more supple.

But here’s the question most women face when it comes to exfoliating their skin — “When should we exfoliate?” That is whether it’s good to exfoliate in the morning or night. We asked many around us too, and everybody seemed to be divided in their opinions regarding this.

But ladies here’s what you need to remember; exfoliating helps to remove the dead cells from the surface of our skin. It helps unclog pores and removes all the dirt and excess oil from our skin cells. So, it makes sense that you exfoliate your skin at night since it’s better to hit the sack after removing all dust and grime from your face.

But we couldn’t decide which way is better, so we laid down the benefits of both for you to choose from, according to what works for you:

Exfoliating In The AM


It Is Better For Sensitive Skin


Usually, we apply all kinds of treatment products on our skin in the evening, after we have come back to the safe environment of our homes, where we are not exposed to pollutants.

If you are someone with sensitive skin, then it’s a bad idea to exfoliate and then use such products on yourself. It can lead to rashes and severe skin breakouts. Therefore, it’s better for people with sensitive skin to practice exfoliation in the morning. Exfoliating in the morning will give their sensitive skin time to heal if there is any micro peeling or scarring as a result of exfoliation.

It Helps To Reduce The Oiliness Of The Skin For The Rest Of The Day


If your face tends to be oily throughout the day, then please consider adding exfoliation to your morning routine. Not only will it clear your skin of the excess oils and dirt, but it will also allow the follow-up products like toner and moisturizer to absorb better into the skin and do their work in a better manner. Therefore, our suggestion would be that after you exfoliate, follow it up with toner as it will help reduce the pH levels of your skin, thereby, stopping excess production of oil on your skin’s surface. So long, oily skin!

It Will Brighten Up Your Complexion


Have you always been in search of that morning glow on your face? Then your search should end here! Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee to wake you up (which can also make you look way duller), try exfoliation. Gently massage your skin in circular motions with your exfoliating scrub for a few minutes. This will increase the blood circulation in your face and will make it appear healthier and brighter.

Exfoliating In The PM


It Helps In Deep Cleansing Of The Skin


It is very important to exfoliate in the evening, especially, if you happen to wear sunscreen (which you must and should) or makeup every day. You can’t just wash these products off with plain water. Throughout the day, when you are outside, your skin gets bombarded with impurities such as oil, dirt, stressors, and other such harmful radicals. Exfoliating after reaching your home in the evening will help deep clean your skin and will help you remove the stubborn sunscreen and makeup particles as well.

It Will Help Night-time Skin Products Do Their Work Better


Do you reach for a heavy nighttime moisturizer or serum to fix your dry skin? Or do you apply your stock of anti-acne treatments in the night? If you do any of these, then we suggest you exfoliate at night. Doing so will help these treatments absorb into your skin deeper and work better. Because during the night the skin regenerates itself. Thus exfoliating in the evening is like prepping our skin to do its work better. Your skin will benefit from the treatments the most if you apply them after exfoliating the face at night.

It Is Beneficial For Our Skin’s Natural Cycle


During the day, the skin works as our body’s first barrier and fights all the pollutants like a warrior. And during the night, it becomes a feeble saint and dons the recovery hat. It is at night that the skin renews its layers, and if you have dirt and grime clogging your pores it becomes difficult for the skin to go about its natural function. Therefore, exfoliating in the evening will boost your skin’s cell turnover. And the next morning you will wake up with a clear complexion that looks bright and healthy.

So, the answer to when should one exfoliate is not a straight yes or no. You must decide when to exfoliate depending on your skin type and its needs. It is your personal choice. However, now we’re hoping that you are at least better informed about the benefits of exfoliating in the morning and at night. Just remember that at whatever time you exfoliate, always do it gently.

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