7 Habits Of The Most Confident People

by Shivani K

All of us have some memories where we’ve felt the least confident and we’ve looked up at the self-assured people and wondered, “What on earth makes them so confident in life?” We begin to think that they must have mastered something very difficult in life in order to look and feel so confident in life. These are the people who always have their game strong and never let anything ruin their confidence. And we often wonder, “yo, seriously, how do you achieve that?”

The vibes that these great human beings give out is so empowering and it makes us feel like they are the most talented people ever on this planet earth.

We asked some of the most confident people around us as to what was their secret to staying confident throughout. Their answer was titled as ‘simple trick’ and that was to appreciate and love yourself to gain confidence in yourself. Their answer hit us; the only thing that matters is what we understood. Even the smallest of the things you do, if you appreciate them, you become confident. We all are capable of doing so many things — running a marathon, writing blog posts, planning outfits for the wedding, just listening to a friend who is depressed. And when you’re doing these, learn to appreciate yourself because this will help you foster confidence within you.


We understand that learning to do it could be taxing, especially when you’re having most of the doomsdays in your life. That’s why we suggest that we all take cues from the already confident souls and learn to become confident over time. Here are seven habits of those calm, collected, and confident people that you oh-so admire. Read on.

1. They Have Everything Figured Out. They Know What They Like Or Dislike


Confident people have it all figured out because they have tried a lot of different things already and now they know where they fit perfectly. Let us make it clear that no one can have things figured out in a jiffy. This knack comes with experience. Confident people have tried new jobs, new adventures, new foods, therefore, they know! Hence, make sure that you expose yourself to different experiences in life. Involve yourself in activities that are familiar and alien to you. Only then, will you know what you really like and what you just cannot stand. By doing this you become confident with every passing day.

2. They Aren’t Scared To Voice Out What They Think Is Right


People who lack self-confidence often nod their heads to what others say. They listen even if they aren’t sure. They agree to others without thinking on their own and arriving at a decision. We have this misconception that being likable is synonymous with being agreeable; this is so not true dear friends. In fact, a person who stands up for himself/ herself and voices out individual opinions is the one who gets liked the most. Therefore, never be shy, be yourself, and talk about whatever is in your heart and mind. Only then will you be able to feel confident and take down people with your words.

3. They Give Themselves Some Me Time And Enjoy The Same


Confident people believe in giving themselves the much needed alone time. They love to just hang out with themselves. They understand that giving themselves some me-time is an opportunity for them to de-stress from the world and recharge themselves. It’s also the only time they can involve in some self-indulgence and carry out the hobbies they love. People who have hobbies to fall back on at the end of the day, are considered to be brimming with confidence. They’ll be fine even when no one is around. Therefore, no matter how hectic your life is, always take some time out for yourself. Do the things you like, that will amp up your confidence levels effortlessly.

4. They Gain From Their Mistakes And Not Dwell In Them


People who aren’t confident often spend their nights thinking of all the mistakes they’ve done. Doing this will make you feel more vulnerable to negativity. While each one of us does commit mistakes, the ones who don’t get crushed by them are the ones who become confident, successful people in the long run. Confident souls will turn those mistakes into a learning experience. They make a note of what lesson they’ve learned and make sure that they don’t commit it again.

5. They Stick Around With Positive People


It’s not always the case that confident people attract positive people around themselves. It’s got to do more with whom they allow in their life. Low-confident people often end up hanging out with downers because they feel that they don’t deserve anything better than that. However, the truth is that we need to hang around with people who will teach us many things about life and fill us with positivity.

6. They Never Feel Sorry


Confident people are aware of when to hit the sorry button for themselves and when not to. If there is a bug in their programmed life, they know how to escalate it to someone else instead of taking the blame on themselves. They don’t feel pathetic about any situation and they make sure it’s fixed.

7. They Don’t Fear


Confident people know that fear is to paralyze your growth in life. Therefore, they always believe in taking actions instead of fretting. The more practical you become in handling life, the lesser negative it will appear. Therefore, no matter how tough the situation gets, don’t ring the panic alarm. Instead, take a few deep breaths and find a solution to the problem. Keeping fears away is like pumping your confidence levels.

If you’re not confident, then confidence will appear like an elusive quality. Of course, there’s no magic solution that will make you a confident person in no time. But if you focus on making those small steps consistent, then you’ll transform yourself into a confident person in no time.

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