10 Habits Of People Who Never Gain Weight

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Don’t we all have that one friend who never puts on weight? It’s hard to not feel jealous of them because they aren’t always dieting, they never go to the gym, but somehow they remain the same while you struggle to burn your fat away. While some people do not gain weight due to the nature of their body and fast metabolic rate, some people are just careful about their weight. Your friend might not be telling you how s/he are monitoring their weight. But if they have a totally healthy body, they’re probably following a healthy lifestyle too, right?

Diets and painful workouts will give you faster results but there is a very high possibility for you to get tempted to go back to square one after all the exhaustion. However, there’s one way you can maintain your weight without getting sick of it at all! Adopting a few healthy habits that will give you slow but steady results are what you need if you’re low on will power but you want to wear those skinny tops without showing off your food babies. Read on to know about these amazing habits that are actually doable.

1. Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating
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Healthy eating doesn’t mean that you’ve got to eat just one grape a day. You can eat well and still not gain weight if you’re a little cautious about what you eat. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, leafy greens, and pulses are all your best friends if you want to eat healthy. Instead of going for mayo and cheese when you’re grocery shopping, stock up on some avocados because they are a great source of healthy fat. Maintain a balanced diet and yes, you can have cheat meals and snacks in moderation.

2. Low Sugar

Low Sugar
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It might be painful at first to stay away from those choco-chip cookies and caramel custard that you usually fill your refrigerator with. But once you realize the effect of sugar on your body weight, you’ll happily say no to the brownie even if you love it. It’s not that you can never eat them— save them for your cheat days and go for a calorie-free sweetener.

3. Regular Exercises

Regular Exercises
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You don’t have to buy those expensive workout clothes and get a golden membership at the gym to stay healthy. If you can do it, it’s great but know that there are plenty of other options like yoga and Zumba. Going for a half an hour run or a few minutes of skipping would burn calories too. Simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking a break in between work to walk around for a few minutes can make a lot of difference too.

4. Eating On Time

Eating On Time
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When you don’t eat on time, you tend to overeat later. “I wasn’t hungry” or “I was lost in my work” are excuses that you can easily avoid. Plan your meals for the day beforehand and make sure you eat on time no matter what. If you always tend to forget your meals, setting reminders on your phone would help.

5. Eating In Small Amounts

Eating In Small Amounts
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Eating smaller amounts of food is better than eating three big meals in a day. It keeps your system running without making you feel hungry. This way you can kiss goodbye to overeating and unhealthy cravings. Snack on nuts and wholegrain crackers in between your meals if you like to munch when you work or read.

6. Enough Rest And Sleep

Enough Rest And Sleep
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Did you know that your body burns calories when you’re asleep? Your sleep affects your metabolism which is directly related to your body weight (1). Also, a good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. So, make sure your body gets enough rest and sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

7. Curbing Impulses

Curbing Impulses
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Do not give in when your favorite tub of ice cream is on sale at the supermarket. Remember that you’ve worked pretty hard to maintain your weight and that you deserve to enjoy the benefits. If it’s absolutely irresistible, you can give in to your cravings but don’t eat that entire tub; eat just a serving of it. But, you’ve got to make up for it by running some extra miles.

8. Peaceful Mind

Peaceful Mind
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Most of us eat a lot when we are annoyed or upset. To avoid this, try to stay positive and keep your mind relaxed. Yoga and meditation would help to a great extent. But what matters the most is you doing what you love and self-care. Go out with your friends, spend time with your family, take your dog out for a walk, or plant some orchids! Do whatever you like and whatever it takes for you to be happy.

9. Drinking Enough Liquid

Drinking Enough Liquid
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Drinking water will help fill your stomach and reduce the amount of food that you eat. Water is the best but sometimes you can go for healthy alternatives too. Remember not to go for sugary beverages or artificial fruit juices. Blending up some healthy smoothies and packing them along with your lunch to work will be great.

10. Regular Weight Monitoring

Regular Weight Monitoring
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Buy a good weighing scale and monitor your weight regularly. If you know how much weight you’ve gained or lost in a particular month, you can make up for it the next month. Getting a calorie counter will be of great help too.

All of these habits are easy to follow for a few days but eventually, you may feel like giving up. And that’s okay because a few setbacks are normal. If you really want to stay fit and in shape try to find a balance and incorporate these healthy habits into your life. What are your secret tips to maintaining a healthy weight? Let us know in the comments below.

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