9 Bedtime Habits Of The Happiest And Strongest Couples

by Shivani K

Have you ever wondered how does a happy couple look like exactly? You all will agree that we live in a very fast-paced world. And in this world, we are consumed by an array of activities. This gives us very little time to focus on our relationships and much lesser time to focus on ourselves as individuals. Happy couples know one thing for sure that to stay in love and be happy with each other — there’s some work and efforts involved. Two individuals need to program a happy and healthy relationship.

Being happy together as a couple needs hell loads of commitment. The couples who understand that they have little time with each other and that they ought to structure it and live by it fruitfully are the ones who are the happiest. Even things as simple as the pre-bedtime habits are enough to keep the couple going together happily forever. Remember that even when you’re in bed with your partner, you have very few minutes to spend with them. Because naturally, the tiredness from the day is going to put you to sleep even before you can control it. Therefore, as a couple, you need to follow certain bedtime habits that will make you a happy and strong couple. Here’s a look at some of those bedtime habits that happy couples follow.

1. Leave All Your Worries Outside Your Bedroom


See, this is merely common sense. How will you be able to cuddle with your partner or engage in heart-to-heart talks when you enter your bedroom with a cloud of stress over your head? It’s a good thing to rely on your partner for emotional support, but bedtime is the wrong time to ask for it. Make sure you keep the bedroom of your house purely filled with positivity and love.

2. Always Find A Solution To The Lingering Arguments


You must’ve annoyed your girl in the morning by not eating the breakfast she made you. Or she must have freaked you out by not informing that she reached office safely. Whatever the little twitch you both felt in the morning, it needs to be laid at rest before you cuddle and sleep. Keeping those negative feelings around will become toxic for both of you.

3. Keep The Distractions At Bay


The bed is the place for both of you to cuddle, kiss, and make love. It shouldn’t be the place for you both to scroll through your respective Instagram feeds. Therefore, make sure you turn off the TV, turn off all social media notifications, and maybe play some light music that will help you both have a great pre-bedtime and fall asleep peacefully.

4. Sleep At The Same Time


Your professions might be poles apart, but the two of you need to schedule your bedtimes together. There’s no better feeling than to fall asleep in your loved one’s arms every night after a tiring day at work, isn’t it?

5. Compliment Each Other While In Bed


She must have looked like a dream in the morning and you forgot to mention it to her. That’s okay; you can compliment her now while she’s next to you on the bed. She’d still blush, we guarantee! It’s always nice to receive compliments or just feel good about something before you hit the sheets, isn’t it? You’re bound to have happy dreams!

6. Don’t Talk. Just Cuddle


The bed can also be a place to just hug your partner and feel all the love without having to talk anything. A warm tight hug or just spooning and sleeping are enough to make you a happy couple. There’s no rule that the bedroom always needs to be a place for excitement.

7. No Heated Conversations Before Bed


Fighting in bed is such a wrong idea! Two main downfalls of this — you cannot end the argument and neither can you both fall asleep peacefully that night. Sleeping in negativity takes a toll on the overall health of a person.

8. Have A Child-free Bedroom


We aren’t hinting at not making any kids y’all! We’re just saying that if you already have kids, refrain from letting them sleep with your partner and you. Letting your children sleep alone makes them stronger and independent individuals. The only time you can allow them to sleep with you is when they’re ill or are having nightmares.

9. Massage Each Other On Bed


The word massage itself rings in some relaxation in our thoughts, isn’t it? Give each other massages once in a while in the bed. This will help the two of you relax. It will also help keep the intimacy spark alive between you two. It also reduces anxiety and improves the quality of sleep.

Small habits like these will help you grow into a happy and strong couple in no time. Do you agree with this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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