10 Regular Habits That Are Damaging Your Skin In Your 20s

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If you spend quality time contemplating premature wrinkles and dark spots, this article is dedicated to you. You must be wondering why skin problems are haunting you when you are just in your 20s. Sadly, investing in expensive products is not enough to keep your skin young and glowing. Maintaining good skin is not rocket science, and to make sure your skin retains its youthful properties, you must follow a healthy skincare routine and avoid bad habits that damage it. Go through the article to know the everyday habits that we unknowingly follow that lead to premature skin sagging.

1. Not Drinking Enough Water

Not Drinking Enough Water
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If you drink water when your throat is parched, it’s already too late. We spend half our day intoxicated by caffeine, further dehydrating our system. Water is not just important for your organs; it keeps your skin glowing too. Make sure you keep a bottle to yourself and refill it to keep the water consumption high.

2. High Sugar Intake

High Sugar Intake
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Going for a high sugar diet also deteriorates your skin. It causes skin inflammation and makes the collagen break down. It does not just mean reducing the sugar in your tea or coffee; you also have to check the glucose level in your meals. Skip the soft drinks and cocktails and go for natural beverages. You can also replace sugar with stevia.

3. Not Sleeping Enough

Not Sleeping Enough
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You are at the peak of your youth in your twenties, and you can binge over a whole show at night and walk to the office the next hour. However, it does take a toll on your skin. The dark circles and dull skin will eventually appear and get difficult to conceal in makeup. If you feel your skin is getting dull, it’s time to check the hours of undisturbed sleep you are getting.

4. Popping Pimples

Popping Pimples
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Popping and scratching out acne does give you momentary satisfaction, but you need to hold your urges and let them be. It’s gross, but many are guilty of doing it. The common thought behind popping pimples is that it will stop them from growing, but on the contrary, it only makes a long-lasting scar that is hard to remove.

5. Sharing Makeup

Sharing Makeup
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We believe sharing is caring, but it’s okay to say a polite no when it comes to personal things like makeup. Sharing the brush and lipstick can spread infections and make it worse for you. It’s best to keep your makeup products for your use only and not share them with anyone.

6. Not Sanitizing Specks And Phone

Not Sanitizing Specks And Phone
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How often do we clean the rims of the specks and the screen of our phones? It doesn’t naturally occur to us till it gets dirty, but when you think of all the places your phone has touched and is coming in direct contact with your cheeks, you will want to wipe it right away. You can keep some face wipes and phone cleaners to maintain your face hygiene.

7. Not Working Out

Not Working Out
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If you think working out doesn’t change the looks of your skin, you couldn’t be more wrong. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and working out in any form keeps your skin elastic and healthy. If you are not active, results show that your skin sags down and makes you look up to a decade older.

8. Not Using Sunscreen

Not Using Sunscreen
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This is something we are all guilty of, to be honest. We somehow feel if we keep our heads down, the UV will bounce back from the back of our heads. But that can only happen in a Bazinga world! Make sure you make applying sunscreen a habit and do it even when you don’t step outdoors.

9. Not Moisturizing The Skin

Not Moisturizing The Skin
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No matter your skin type, it needs to be moisturized regularly. If your skin is oily, you might need a very mild moisturizer, but you need to keep the skin supple before dust and dirt enter the pores and create skin problems. If your skin is dry, you might need to use a moisturizer each time you wash your face.

10. Using Products With Added Fragrance

Using Products With Added Fragrance
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While we are focused on using products that do not contain paraben, we mostly ignore or overindulge in products that have added fragrance. It is something that can irritate your skin and cause severe inflammation. Even though it is nice to have a lingering scent from your cream or soap, you have to ensure that the scent is derived from natural sources.

Always remember there is nothing better than natural products for pampering your skin. So now that you know all the common mistakes we make with our skin, avoiding them can help you recover the glow and softness. It is also fun making DIY skincare products and seeing which ingredient works best at maintaining your skin’s pH levels. So, do you have any secrets to keeping your skin younger-looking? Let us know in the comments section!

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