10 Ordinary Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Eyesight On A Daily Basis

by Shivani K

If you find yourself reading this article, it’s a possibility that you bank on your eyesight for doing anything and everything in your life.
Out of the five sensory organs that we are blessed with, the eye is the most crucial one. It accounts for four-fifths of all the senses that we experience every day of our life. One can even say how healthy a person is by looking at their eyes (1).

How well we see isn’t really under our control. It depends on various genetic factors as well and even aging plays an important role. But taking care of our eyes is wholly in our hands. If we neglect our eye health today, it can impact our eyesight in the long run. Certain everyday activities that we do can also cause harm or distress to our eyes.

Below is a list of 10 innocuous habits that may be causing more harm to your eyes than you could imagine. Cease doing them at once!

1. Rubbing Them—Your Eyes!


We sure do find some relief while rubbing our eyes, but it’s all momentary. We are apparently making it easier for the germs to enter our eye (rubbing breaks the tiny blood vessels), which could leave us with a pink eye. If you feel any irritation in the eye, don’t rub, rather blink away. Blinking generates tears, and the dirt is flushed away along with it.

2. Unchecked Screen Time


We understand that most of our work these days involves looking at screens—phones, laptops, desktops, etc. But if a person looks at a computer screen for three hours or more in a day, he/she is prone to contract something known as the “computer vision syndrome” (2). And if your profession requires you to work on a computer screen compulsorily, consider reducing the glare of the screen. Additionally, rest your eyes every 20 minutes and wear anti-glare spectacles that will help protect your eyes.

3. Smoking


We all are aware of the fact that smoking kills. It can also lead to a condition called as “uveitis,” which affects the middle layer of our eye (3). So, if you wanted a new excuse so that you’d quit smoking, now you have one.

4. Not Eating Right


Food also plays a vital role in protecting your eyesight. Avoid eating food that makes you lethargic. Opt for food that is rich in vitamin A; it will provide your eyes with all the necessary nutrients. In order to enjoy some vitamin A goodness, reach for fruits and vegetables that are orange in color, like carrots and oranges. Eat right, eat healthily!

5. Avoiding Eye Protection


Our eyes fall into the category of the most delicate organs. Be it at work or while doing any activity, if it is going to cause strain to our eyes, we need to make sure our eyes are protected. If we fail to protect our eyes while doing activities like swimming, cooking, welding or working with sharp objects, it can lead to an eye injury.

6. Using Old Contact Lenses


Using contact lenses varies in requirement from person to person. But, they all come with an expiry date and a prescription. Make sure you never use contact lenses whose life has ended (4). If you continue to wear old lenses, it might lead to a lot of eye problems like eye ulcers, red eyes, blurred vision or damaged blood vessels in the eye.

7. Not Wearing Your Sunglasses


We all know that we cannot stare at the sun directly. That being said, we sure have tried doing it at one point in life or another. The sun’s rays are extremely harmful as they are heat rays that are accompanied with UV rays. Exposure to UV rays can result in eye cataracts and partial loss of vision. Therefore, it’s in your best interest if you wear sunglasses outside.

8. Skipping Eye Checkups


Even if your eyes are working absolutely fine, you still need to go visit your eye doctor on a regular basis. It is one of the steps towards keeping your eyes healthy. There are chances that you are straining your eyes without your knowledge. Early detection of eye diseases will help to cure your eyes faster (5).

9. Applying Old Eye Makeup


It’s okay to wear eye makeup as long as it’s done in a safe manner and with the right products. Eye makeup essentials like mascara should not be used for long, as it can contract bacteria over a period of time. Make sure you buy safety-tested products and never use them beyond their shelf-life.

10. Getting Addicted To Eye Drops


Eye drops definitely provide instant relief when our eyes are itchy or red. But not everyone knows how to use them correctly. Not more than one drop should be applied to each of the eyes. And the eye drops need to be prescribed by a doctor. Never resort to purchasing them over the counter sans any prescription.

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