7 Hacks That Will Make Your Daily Routine As Easy As ABC

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Have you ever read a blog or seen a life hack video and realized that you have been doing the simplest thing wrong all your life? Well, you are not alone. Many people were ‘today’ years old when they figured out how to hang the umbrella correctly or clean the stove with minimal supplies. These viral hacks also promise to conserve money and resources as well as save time. So if you have been waiting to try some of the popular hacks that have made lives easier, we have it all. Read on to know them all!

1. How To Measure Ingredients With A Spoon Correctly

Measure Ingredients With A Spoon Correctly
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The time and effort you spend baking may be drastically reduced by using this ingenious trick involving a measuring spoon. The aim is to use the spoon to scoop up the dry component from the mountain of flour so the ingredients are of the exact measurement. Just pop the ingredient within the form, and you’re done!

2. How To Prevent Burn Injuries When Chopping Hot Peppers

Prevent Burn Injuries When Chopping Hot Peppers
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Peppers with a lot of heat are full of flavor but they can also be dangerous. Inconveniently, they often make a mess when chopped. Your skin and eyes can become inflamed even after washing your hands with soap. The solution, you ask? Rub vegetable oil in your hands before chopping them and once you are done, wash your hands with soap to remove the capsaicin responsible for the burning feeling. This will ensure complete removal of the burning sensation.

3. How To Minimize Gas Use

How To Minimize Gas Use
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It is possible to use two pans and one burner to simultaneously prepare two separate dishes, but precaution must be taken to prevent the topmost pan from toppling. This also needs experience; if you are new, you should regulate the temperature between one pan at a time.

4. How To Prevent Liquids From Boiling Over

Prevent Liquids From Boiling Over
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Liquids boil pretty fast and it is not convenient to stand near the stove at all times. To prevent liquids from spilling out of the cooking vessel, wedge a wooden toothpick between the pan and its cover. This will let the air out and prevent your food from spilling over and creating a mess over the stove.

5. How To Uniformly Ripening Fruits And Vegetables

Uniformly Ripening Fruits And Vegetables
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Soft or overly ripe vegetables and fruits can be a hassle when you don’t know how to properly store them. One day they are still green and turgid, the next day they are brown with two flies hovering over them. The aim is uniform ripening to prevent spoilage of any of the vegetables. Put your soft fruits and veggies in a paper bag for 1–2 days to ripen evenly. This works great for peaches, avocados, and tomatoes too. For bananas hanging them from a hook will keep them from rotting than placing them in a basket.

6. Correct Methods For Storing Onions And Potatoes

Correct Methods For Storing Onions
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Because of their extended storage life, potatoes and onions are often kept together. But if you research a bit on this, you will realize you are reducing their lifespan by doing this. The gasses released by potatoes hasten the ripening of onions. Having them all in one place will only hasten their decay process. So, keeping them in different areas is recommended. You can also pack them up in mesh bags and store them in different corners of the room or closed cabinets.

7. How To Enjoy Your Chips The Right Way

How To Enjoy Your Chips The Right Way
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Chips are undoubtedly one of our favorite snacks because they are easy to pack and mess-free. However, did you realize you could be opening your chips wrong all these years? Usually, bags of chips are stored upright for lengthy periods, which makes the seasoning settle to the bottom of the packet. The solution is to turn the bag upturned and shake the contents before eating. This way, you can enjoy an enhanced flavor of chips without the seasoning getting wasted at the bottom of the pack.

Life hacks have become a favorite part of the internet, and you can find blogs and vlogs full of ideas tagged as things you have been doing wrong all your life. But the truth is not necessarily that. Hacks make things easier, but you need to try them for yourself to see if it suits you and makes things simpler. So which of these do you think will help you the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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