6 Hacks To Look Good In A Lehenga

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For us women, there’s a plethora of Indian ethnic wear options to choose from when we have to dress up for a special occasion, be it for festivals, other functions or even our own wedding! But when we see our Instagram and Facebook feeds flooded with pictures of the most beautiful, festive looks of inspiring Bollywood actresses, we notice that nearly all of them adorn lehenga for special occasions.

Lehengas are beautiful, aren’t they? They flaunt your figure in the most elegant manner. A lehenga is one of the classiest choices in traditional Indian wear. Girls, mothers, ladies, or even grandmoms — whoever dons this traditional garb, they’re sure to make heads turn. Presently, you’ll find a wide array of options in lehenga world, so much so, that you’re sure to feel dizzy about it. Even though a lehenga can accentuate your beauty with its graceful and shapely look, it can also ruin your appearance, if worn the wrong way. So, if you’ve always been keen on wearing a lehenga-choli, but have been stopping yourself from doing so because you are worried whether you would be able to carry off the look in the right way or not, we are here to rescue you. Here’s a quick style guide for looking dope in your lehenga. Give it a read and make the most of it.

1. The Fabric Of The Lehenga Matters

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Comfort always matters the most, remember this!

You might be allergic to certain fabrics or yarns, so make sure that you clearly steer away from using them. And if you want to look graceful and sophisticated in your lehenga, you must consider your body type, and weight while selecting the fabric of your lehenga.

If you’re slightly on the plumper side, then opt for lehenga fabrics which aren’t georgette, satin or lycra. These kinds of fabrics tend to hug your body which will garner unnecessary attention towards the fat depositions in your body. If you’re worried about the naval area, well, that can always be covered by a dupatta or the choli design. And if you’re extra lean, then opt for fabrics like cotton silk, tussar, brocade, and other similar starchy fabrics.

2. Get The Embellishment Ratio Right

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We understand that you want to look grand in your lehenga choli, but that doesn’t mean you get yourself a lehenga which is completely studded with embellishments. A  lehenga can also be grand in terms of its color combination, its embroidery, and the way in which it’s worn. If you are a fan of a heavily embellished lehenga, you can very well go ahead, but make sure that you keep your choli or your dupatta a little plain to balance out the bling in the outfit. Don’t make the mistake of looking overdone with your lehenga.

3. The Color Combinations

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If you look back in time, you’ll find that lehengas used to be monochromatic. We mean that all three elements of the lehenga — the skirt, the blouse, and the dupatta, happened to be of the same color. Now, with the ever-changing fashion trends, contrast colors and patterns seem to have become the favored trend. So, pick one or two color-combos that will complement your skin tone and you’re set!

4. Pick The Right Jewelry

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Jewelry always forms an integral part of an outfit. In fact, it can either make or break your look. Therefore, when you’re picking jewelry, keep the design of your lehenga in mind. If you love wearing heavy statement chandbalis, then you can give your necklace a miss. And if you’re wearing statement neckpiece, then go for smaller studs for your earrings. Do not decorate yourself with too much jewelry and make it look like you’re showing off your wealth.

5. Get The Lehenga Length Right

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Whether or not you’re wearing heels, the length of the lehenga matters. The length of the lehenga needs to be such that it is just touching the ground. It should neither be sweeping the floor nor should it give a peek-a-boo of your feet. If you want to wear a 3-4 inches tall heel with the lehenga, we would advise you to wear it and then give the measurement for the length of the skirt.

6. Dupatta Draping Style Plays A Special Role

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Really? Well, yes, the manner in which you drape the dupatta can do wonders to your lehenga-choli outfit. Draping it the right way not just helps you cover up your bosom, but it also increases the overall appeal of your outfit by making you look taller and slimmer. You can drape it in a number of ways—a princess veil, a side shoulder fall, a cape style drape, an overhead veil, etc. Oh, and the pleats of the drape, they matter too!

Also, remember that you’re never fully dressed without a smile. So wear that confident smile of yours and rock your lehenga look in the best way. If there are any other tips you’d like to add to this style guide, leave them in the comments below.

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