11 Easy Hacks To Update Your Wardrobe

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You must have seen numerous DIY videos of people upgrading their wardrobes with the help of simple designing tools. From scarf dresses to pom pom shoes, a tiny accessory can do wonders for your outfits. Now, not all of us are blessed with the creativity to know exactly what to add to our clothes to give them a new look. And that’s where we step in. Here in this article, we have shared some easy hacks by which you can transform your wardrobe without throwing out old clothes or investing in new ones. Read on to know them all!

1. Shaving Cream Can Remove Makeup Stains

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Makeup stains are the arch enemies of light-colored clothes. One simple smudge can destroy your outfit if you are not careful about it. However, knowing this trick can save the day and your outfit. Use a clean towel or your fingers to rub shaving cream into the stain. Once it is leathered well, wash the stained cloth with cold water to remove any residue.

2. Craft Loose Trousers Into Dress

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Who knew you could make a lovely cocktail dress out of wide-legged pants. One of the legs can be cut into a tube top by pulling them up high enough. Next, turn it around and use the cut-off portion of the other leg to hang in front, and then snip it in half. Finally, the trouser leg can be worn as a belt by wrapping both parts around the wearer’s waist and tying them in the back.

3. Decorate Your Old Flip Flops

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If your sliders are worn and outdated, you may give them a makeover with some fresh embellishments. First, find a different fabric to go over the sliders, whether fake fur, silk, or anything else. Then, to cover the tops of the sliders cut the cloth to size and cover it using fabric adhesive. You can even use pompoms or beads according to your style.

4. Make A Tote Bag Out Of Your Jeans

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Tote bags made out of jeans are both durable and classy. To transform your worn-out jeans into a bag, you must do the following. First, separate the cloth into 2 equal squares by cutting along the line of each leg piece. Next, put together the two square pieces, right sides, and sew the top and bottom together, leaving one corner uncovered. Next, stitch across the four corners at the bottom. Finally, make two handles by dividing the upper waistband of the jeans in half and stitching them on. Your shopping bag is ready!

5. Add Details To Your Heels

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If you want to prevent blisters, lay a cloth beneath your foot before putting on your feet in your shoes and then leave a narrow opening. Then, insert your foot into the shoe and secure the opening with a bow. It will look the prettiest!

6. Make A Dress With Fabric

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Who knew making a dress on your own could be this easy! Stary by cutting a hole for your head in the fabric from the center of an old shawl. On opposite sides, make two openings for arms. Put a belt around your middle, and your dress is ready!

7. Make A Skirt Out Of Your T-Shirt

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Bring the sleeve ends together by sewing and tie a knot with the bottom two pieces of the fringe. Turn the old neck opening into a waistband for your skirt, and recycle the sleeves into handy pockets.

8. Make A Shirt And Skirt Out Of Your Old Hoodie

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Separate the hoodie into two parts by cutting it along the desired length of the top and bottom. Next, flip the bottom half of the fabric inside out to create a waistband for the hoodie. A belt might be added for extra sass!

9. Revive Old Sneakers

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If the tops have holes, you may turn your old sneakers into brand-new ones. First, glue a replacement piece of fabric over the desired stot on the sneaker. Then, if the material is too large, trim it down and glue the raw edges together.

10. Make A Belt With A Scarf

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You can tie the scarf like a belt over your dress to make it look trendier. All you need is a bangle to hold the scarf in place and act like an accessory to your dress.

11. Use Erasers To Remove Dirt On Sneakers

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Using an eraser to eliminate dirt and stains is a simple way to give your old shoes a new lease on life. It’s effective on rubber, leather, nubuck, and suede.

These hacks are simple, and don’t need expert hands to turn out flawless. You can watch a few videos before running scissors in fabric if you want. So which of these hacks will you try first? Let us know in the comments section!

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