10 Hair And Makeup Mistakes That Are Low-Key Aging You

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We know how tiring a working day can be, and saving energy for your skin and hair care routine could potentially drain you out. Most of us end up splashing water on the face in the name of skin care and perhaps shampooing for hair care. But this practice is not as harmless as it seems. Not caring for your skin and hair may make you look way older than you really are, and none of us would want to test that. So here are some common mistakes we make that make us look older than our age.

1. Not Caring For Your Eyebrows

Not Caring For Your Eyebrows
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Unless your brows are naturally thick like Lily Collins’ or Cara Delevingne’s, you should use a brow pencil to fill them in. Why? Because makeup professionals will tell you that big, bushy brows like Cara Delevingne’s indicate youth, whereas thin, arch brows are a telltale sign of age.

2. You Aren’t Making Use Of A Primer

You Aren't Making Use Of A Primer
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Primers often include hyaluronic acid and silicone, which plump the skin to provide a wrinkle-free, airbrushed surface for your foundation. Don’t overdo it with the concealer if you’re trying to hide dark circles and bags under your eyes. Doing so will make the product look like cake and highlight the stotted areas. Instead, consider using a concealer with the brush after applying a primer containing brightening and smoothing ingredients.

3. Your Hair Color Is Flat

Your Hair Color Is Flat
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Your lackadaisical approach to keeping your hair color vibrant is a sure sign that you’re getting older. According to research, having healthy hair (defined as shining, bouncy, and glossy) is a sign of health and youth, whereas having hair that is dull, flat, and one-dimensional might make you seem older.

4. You’re Using The Wrong Foundation

You're Using The Wrong Foundation
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What are the two major flaws in makeup? A failure to mix makeup correctly, and a selection of inappropriate colors. To help with the former, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to finding the best foundation for your skin tone every time you shop. We recommend utilizing a beauty sponge. Put the sponge under running water, wring off the excess, dip it into your base, and use it to tap and bounce your way to a perfect face.

5. You Are Not Applying The Eyeliner Correctly

You Are Not Applying The Eyeliner Correctly
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Using harsh, thick eyeliner, even on the lower lash line, would make you seem older than your years. Why would anyone desire to cast even more darkness on the already irritating spot? Instead, try a smooth, creamy pencil and apply it gently down your lash line. To define your eyes subtly, you can merely line your waterline.

6. You Never Use Blush

You Never Use Blush
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Avoid going overboard by selecting a shade that is too vibrant or a powdered or sparkly texture that will make your blush seem like everything but natural.

7. Your Hair Is Too Blunt

Your Hair Is Too Blunt
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Experts say that having hair that is too straight may make your face look “heavy” and drag down your features. Instead, get lengthy layers, subtle volume, and a lot of motion from your stylist to define your face and smooth over hard angles.

8. Your Hair Is Cool Tone

Your Hair Is Cool Tone
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If your complexion naturally has gray or ashy undertones, dark hair tones may accentuate these characteristics. In addition, techniques with mouth highlights will help you seem more youthful and healthy.

9. Using Excessive Amount Of Powder Products

Using Excessive Amount Of Powder Products
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While oily skin is the norm while we’re young, our skin generates significantly less sebum as we get older, making powder cosmetics appear excessively matte and, thus, flat. Dewier and more radiant skin may be achieved using cream formulations. Most facial powders serve to accentuate wrinkles and make us seem older. A transparent, translucent powder or one made from minerals is a good alternative if you just can’t give up powder altogether.

10. Your Concealer Is Too Heavy

Your Concealer Is Too Heavy
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Every single cosmetic item is the same in this regard. The trick to avoiding creasing and caking is to use lighter products and apply sparingly. The concealer you use beneath your eyes is a prime example of this. Too much concealer can make the skin look older and accentuate creases and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Instead, lightly touch the skin after applying a hydrating eye cream to prepare it.

So now that you know all the mistakes you have been making with your skin and hair care, correcting them will help you enjoy flawless hair and skin without any problem. So, which of these are you guilty of making? Let us know in the comments section!

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