7 Hair Hacks That Will Make You Look Younger

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Everybody wants to look good and a healthy beauty routine is all it takes to reach at that. However, the sedentary yet stressful lives that we all live these days contribute to the otherwise. We start developing premature signs of aging. Fine lines begin to appear on our faces post 25 years and it’s only time that slowly changes these fine lines into wrinkles and dark spots.

Most of us follow a skincare regime, we’re sure! However, many amongst us don’t pay much heed to our hair. Just like our skin, even our hair starts getting affected because of stress. And with age, we start having many hair problems, out of which, hairfall is considered to be the most dangerlous one.

And if you’ve arrived at a point in your life where you’re having bad hair days consistently and your troubled hair is coming between you and a good looking younger you, then it’s about time you find solution to your hair woes.

It’s true you see, as we go down the age factor, our hair becomes thin, brittle, loses its shine and volume. The key however is to find a way to work with your hair in a manner that it makes you look ravishing. Age shouldn’t take away the title of ‘crowning glory’ from your hair. Here we’ve curated a list of seven hair hacks that will help you look younger by the day. Read on and start practicing.

1. Get Layer Hair Cuts

Get Layer Hair Cuts
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Across the globe, you’ll find the best of the best hair stylists telling you about this tip. If you have long hair that is thinning with every hair wash because you’re aging, it is likely that the weight of your long hair is pulling your face down making you look older and duller than your age. This simple modification of cutting your hair in layers will add volume and bounce to your hair. Pick a layering style that goes well with your face frame. This will make you look younger and most importantly happier.

2. Add Highlights To Your Hair

Add Highlights To Your Hair
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The same old hair color can be boring. And we totally understand the inhibitions revolving hair damage among people who are afraid to get their hair colored. No matter what range of a color-phobic person you are, add highlights to your hair, especially around your face. You can either go for sun-kissed, natural look with balayage or if you like all things to be done with precision, then you can opt for some foil highlights here and there in the section around your hair.

3. Consider Getting Bangs Done

Consider Getting Bangs Done
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Fine lines and wrinkles can scare the heck out of you. And if they appear on broader regions like the forehead, it’s impossible to cover them unless and until you try getting a botox done. In such cases, bangs are a savior. Get bangs done to naturally and very slyly hide the fine lines and wrinkles that have taken over your forehead.

4. Take The Shorter Route With Your Hair

Take The Shorter Route With Your Hair
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Of course, one does feel nice to boast about the length of your hair. But what’s the use of having long hair that’s making you look dull and old? In fact, long hair usually depicts volume-less hair. Therefore, go for a shorter haircut, even shoulder length would do. It’s going to make you look younger by ten folds. Try it and you’ll agree!

5. Practice A Hair Care Regime

Practice A Hair Care Regime
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If you want your hair to look young overall and not stick to hacks to be your last minute saviors, we suggest that you practice a good hair care regime. Oil it once a week, get hair spas done, put on nourishing hair masks, pick hair masks that tackle your hair problems, and invest in getting a scalp treatment done. You hair cannot look gorgeous on its own peeps. You need to give it quite a lot of care and time.

6. Let Your Hair Down And Style It

Let Your Hair Down And Style It
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Leaving your hair open in loose waves will give you a very effortless and young look. Overly-polished hairdos can do more harm than good to your hair. And if you have a great hair cut, then why don’t you show it off by leaving your hair open? You can style your hair by leaving them open as well, create soft waves or curls, get creative with open hair styles.

7. Accessorize Your Hair To Glory

Accessorize Your Hair To Glory
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Now who said that hair accessories like hair bands, hair ribbons, hair clips are only kids’ hair accessories? Aren’t bandanas a huge hit these days? No matter what your age is, styling your hair with hair accessories will make you look more fun to hang out with and of course, you look way younger than your actual age.

Your hair plays a major role in the way you look as well. Try out the above mentioned hair hacks and let us know which worked out the best for you in the comments below. Say ‘yes’ to good hair days with these tips.

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