10 Hair Secrets We Learnt From The Royal Family Stylists

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It’s safe to say, hairdressing runs in the family of the Galvins! For instance, the father of Daniel Galvin Jr, Daniel Galvin, was the personal stylist of Princess Diana. Daniel Galvin is now the fourth generation coiffure to the British Royal family. He owns a salon and is an advocate for his organic hair care line. His work and expertise can be seen through the gorgeous hairstyles Princess Kate Middleton and Meghan always sport. He has spilled the beans and let out some secrets of styling hair flawlessly without adding chemicals or heating tools. Read on to know them all.

1. Detox Your Hair

Detox Your Hair
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It is not just your skin and body that needs detoxification, your hair needs it too. Your hair will be washed clean of impurities and excess oils by using a purifying shampoo. You can also make it yourself with Vitamin C powder and baking soda. This clears the buildup and helps the hair stay puffy days after your hair wash.

2. Don’t Over Style Your Hair

Don’t Over Style Your Hair
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One of the forever favorites among royals is undone waves. This looks effortless and natural and doesn’t take much. You can try Megan’s secret to get waves. She puts her hair in a bun all day and lets it down in the evening to create natural soft curls.

3. Add Volumes For Thickness

Add Volumes For Thickness
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Curly hair looks thicker, and even though it can be the same texture as fine hair, the shape  makes it look fuller. Using the same illusion technique, you can add texturizing spray to your hair to make it look healthier. Also, DIY heatless curling techniques might come in handy for making your hair look beautiful.

4. Use Tongs Instead Of Straighteners

Use Tongs Instead Of Straighteners
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Unless you are a big fan of stick-straight hair, styling your hair can also be done through curls and waves. Straighteners can cause static buildup and make your hair look limp. Replacing them with tongs will add volume to your hair and give you a chic look.

5. Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims
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Getting your hair trimmed will reduce the chances of split ends and keep your hair looking voluminous. If you feel it is preventing you from growing your hair long, one trick you can follow is to keep it tied in buns and hats till it grows out to the length you desire. Then you can go for a trim once in three months to maintain the length and health of your hair.

6. Use A Hair Mask

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Hair masks should not be restricted to salon treatments alone. They are easy to make and apply and are great for reviving your hair health. There are plenty of hair mask recipes online, and once you know your hair type and what ingredients work best for your hair, you can undo the damage done to your hair with a simple application of a hair mask.

7. Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally
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Yes, we know air-drying hair is time-consuming and a lot of work, but this is also necessary for your hair. Using heating tools will take the natural oils away from your hair and make it brittle and susceptible to damage. The trick to air-drying hair is to apply a leave-in conditioner after shampooing. It will automatically drain the excess water down, and the rest can be gently wiped out with the help of a kitchen towel or cotton T-shirt. Once it is partially dry, run your fingers through it and let the natural air do the rest.

8. Supplement Your Diet

Supplement Your Diet
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Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body, and no matter how many times you shampoo your hair or which serum you use if you don’t eat nutritious meals, the chances of your hair looking healthy diminishes. So make sure your diet includes a lot of probiotics and collagen. In addition, you can include a bowl of bone broth in your diet and watch your hair and nails grow.

9. Put Your Hair Up

Put Your Hair Up
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One of the signature looks of most royal women for a more laid back look is a messy bun. It looks good with most outfits, and it also helps keep the hair neat and packed. Unfortunately, good hair days are rare, which holds true for royals. But, since they are public figures with cameras flashing at them always, a messy bun can have your back even when your hair wants to be difficult.

10. Wash Your Hair A Day Before The Event

Wash Your Hair A Day Before The Event
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Wash your hair the night before an event and dry it out naturally. Then, the next day when you are getting dressed, fix your hairdo with the help of a blow dryer. This will keep the style intact and also help the side waves or curls to stay bouncy for a longer time.

So now that you know the secrets of flaunting gorgeous hair, nothing can stop you from looking your best! Ensure you take care of your hair the right way and pamper it with nutrients and hydration. Also, even though styling your hair with heating tools does the trick of making you look absolutely gorgeous, keep the heat minimal. You can also invest in heat protectants and oil your hair to minimize the damage. So, which of these styling tricks did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section!

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