7 Haircuts That’ll Flatter Your Face Shape And Emphasize Your Unique Facial Features

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Have you noticed that celebrities always maintain their haircut for a long time and how awesome they look? Obviously, they have a whole team of stylists to recommend the perfect haircut to them, but it is not mere coincidence why the hairstyles they choose suit them so much. Each of us has distinct facial features; and believe it or not, the way we style our hair has a lot to do with our complete look. Here in this article, we have stated some distinct facial features that most people like to conceal, so here is the kind of haircuts you can look for to highlight your best qualities only. Read on!

1. Double Chin

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A short haircut is not a good idea if you have a double chin. Instead, try a cut that frames your face, like bangs, curls, or layers. By doing so, people will focus on your hair rather than your chin. Layering is essential, so keep that in mind. They widen the face and make it appear longer. If you prefer short hairstyles, try a chin-length bob cut with layers, but don’t trim the ends equally.

2. Big Nose

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They say, the first step to self acceptance starts with your nose! JK! To make your nose appear smaller, you need to go for haircuts that frame your face outwards. Side-swept bangs, curtain bangs, and layered bangs are all fantastic options. It’s OK to wear your hair in a ponytail or bun and allow a few strands to hang loose. Avoid having your hair trimmed in a short, straight style.

3. Big Forehead

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People with a broad forehead can benefit from having their hair cut into a bob with bangs, a lob with a center part, or a pixie cut with razored bangs. Experts say the secret to a good hairdo is horizontal framing, voluminous hair, and soft layers.

4. Small Eyes

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Who knew haircuts would have a hand in highlighting your eyes too? Cuts that are too thick or too blunt should be avoided in favor of shorter cuts with less volume. It’s OK to have bangs if they don’t look entirely obscure in your eyes and forehead. On the other hand, if your eyebrows are quite visible, a pixie cut will attract your eyes. Also, the more you take the focus from near your eyes, the brighter you can make your eyes look.

5. Round Face

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Round faces are nothing but cute, but if you want your face to look more oval, a shaggy hairstyle or curly bob with balayage tints are great options. In addition, you may lengthen the locks on the sides and add volume on top. Don’t go for a smooth cut or a heavy fringe because both will make your face look wider. The more you frame your face, especially on the lower end, the better you will be able to make it appear shapely and less round.

6. Oblong Face

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Some haircuts can elongate an already long face, emphasizing the most noticeable features in the narrow shape. The nose, chin, and neck are highlighted in the haircut. Long, straight hair makes you look leaner on the face, so you must avoid it in your hairstyle. So go for hairstyles that add volume to your hair. You might go for a shaggy lob, a choppy lob, some lengthy layers, or a center part with your long, wavy hair.

7. Big Ears

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You only realize big ears are a problem when they protrude from your hairdos and make you look like an adorable dobby. Well, they are cute, but if you wish to conceal them in a hairstyle, we got the right one for you. Give your hair plenty of height and fullness on the crown and sides. Allow it to stick out slightly from your scalp. Haircuts that are bob-like or have long, layered hair are popular options. Actress Kristen Stewart wears long hairstyles when she needs to keep the attention from her ears.

Haircuts are more than just trimming your hair or keeping it to a length. Getting the right haircut according to your face will help you outline your best features while hiding the parts you are not so confident about. Of course, everyone has facial features they wish to hide, but that doesn’t mean you need to. Once you learn to accept yourself the way you look, there is no going back! So, which of these hairstyles have you tried before? Let us know in the comments section. Keep it stylish!

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