10 Hairstyle Hacks Every Lazy Girl Needs To Try

Written by Niharika Nayak

Firstly, we’d like to say that there’s nothing wrong with admitting that you are lazy. Many people have used it as a way to insult someone who is lazy, but frankly, most of us don’t have the energy to care. If there is one thing that most lazy girls don’t enjoy doing, it’s dealing with their hair. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they don’t keep it clean or don’t use good quality products; it just means that they probably do it with a frown on their face. Well, we’re here to tell you that your morning hairstyling routine doesn’t have to take up more than five minutes of your time. And with these easy hairstyle hacks, we bet you could be done in even less:

1. Get Rid Of Flyaways



Spray a toothbrush of yours with some hairspray and rub it across your flyaways to keep them tamed and flat. This quick and easy tip will leave you looking polished and proper. Basically taming this baby hair on your forehead can be a unique touch to stand out at a party. But if you simply have tiny hair that keeps curving no matter how much you tame, the toothbrush method would be a good option.

2. Corn Flour Can Work As Dry Shampoo In An Emergency



Have you run out of dry shampoo? Well, just sprinkle some cornflour on any greasy areas, leave them on for a minute and brush them out the way you would for dry shampoo. With these easy tricks, your hair will be good as new. It is a true organic savior when you need to get to a formal party or any gathering which requires you to look your best. It not only makes your hair soft but also helps it not get frizzy due to outdoor air pollution.

3. Messy Buns Are A Great Pick-Me-Up



Messy buns are a lot more stylish than just wrapping something up in a bun. There are plenty of styles that one needs to try to get the best messy buns. Messy buns can make you look more professional and super stylish, and sleek when done right. However, it does not mean not combing your hair and simply tying it up all disheveled. Make sure you give your hair a brush and tie a sleek bun. After that, use a fine-toothed comb, or even your fingers if you are nimble enough, to flick tiny hair strands from your bun. Make sure you do that from both sides of your head and not the top.

4. Make Use Of Mousse For Beach Waves



All one really needs to achieve the waves of their dreams is to take a dollop of mousse, scrunch your hair and wait for it to fully dry. While waiting for your hair to dry, you can accomplish plenty of other things that may be a part of your morning rituals, like preparing a bit of tea or some caffeine.

5. Tie A Turban Around Your Hair



Tying a turban around your hair is a great way to hide a bad hair day. It’s cute and looks professional all the same, and protects your hair (and head) from outside elements. If you don’t like covering your whole head of hair, there are many retro-inspired headbands to cover the top part of your head.

6. Half-Up Half-Down Hair With A Side Braid Is A Great Professional Look



While you may not consider a half-up and half-down look as uber professional, there are plenty of ways you can change that. For starters, if you have long hair, you can try adding some braids to this quintessential and classic look. If you have shorter hair, you can use bobby pins to secure it down smoothly.

7. Consider Hair Contouring



You’ve heard of face contouring before, but have you ever heard of hair contouring? Don’t worry if you haven’t, for it’s a relatively new concept. Hair contouring involves using hair colors based on the shape of your face and the color of your skin to frame and highlight your best facial features. And well, with the right color and cut to your hair, you would rarely have to worry about bad hair days.

8. Apply Dry Shampoo On Your Hair At Night To Save Time



We’ve all been in a situation where we had absolutely no time in the morning and have had to grab onto our work clothes and head out quickly. Or maybe you like to sleep in a bit later on certain days and want fresh hair the following day. The dry shampoo will work well into your strands throughout the night and result in increased volume the next day.

9. A Boar Bristle Brush Can Naturally Get Rid Of Frizz



One of the best things you can do is switch to a boar bristle brush, as it helps get rid of frizzy hair naturally. You’ll be able to achieve naturally shiny and healthy hair without having to apply shine treatment and anti-frizz shampoos. Make sure that you are using a boar bristle brush when you are styling or blow-drying your hair.

10. Switch Out Your Hair Dryer For A Hot Air Brush



The best way to get gorgeous-looking hair in a quick manner and get rid of frizz at the same time is by getting rid of your hairdryer and switching to using a hot airbrush instead. This will help you style your hair while drying it without having to run your fingers through your hair constantly.

Having great hair while being a lazy person can easily be achieved. After all, we lazy girls are quick to find fast solutions for all of our problems, be it hair or life. Since we are all short of time, these quick but smart hair hacks are enough to get the job done smoothly as well as effortlessly. So now that you know exactly how to achieve elegant hairstyles without much effort, we hope you can implement them into your regular routine. Let us know all of your thoughts on this article in the comments below.

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