7 Hairstyles To Try With Overgrown Bangs

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We can relate to your excitement the first time you experimented with bangs. How cute you looked, and how well it transformed your entire face with mere snips of scissors. However, when it comes to bangs, there are two significant drawbacks. First, seeing someone in bangs will lure you into cutting yours on your own. But we strictly advise you against running scissors on your own head without professional training. And second, like all good things, it doesn’t last long. In this case, it exceeds the length you want to keep pretty fast, and you are left with hair that is neither a cute fringe nor something you can collect into a ponytail with the rest of your hair. So, what do you do then? Since taking frequent trips to the salon is not feasible, we have a list of hairstyles you can do with the overgrown bangs that will make you look absolutely gorgeous. Read on to know them all!

1. Side Bangs

Side Bangs

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As your bangs start growing, they naturally shift sideways. This is when you need to embrace a side parting and let your bangs fall gently on one side of your face. Many celebs have rocked this look, and no matter what the length of your hair or what hairdo you do at the back, this style will always make you look feminine and pretty.

2. Ponytail With Bangs

Ponytail With Bangs

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If you can picture yourself looking like Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man, this hairstyle is for you. This hairdo is a blessing for people with a more prominent forehead. All you need to do is brush out your bangs in front and tie a high ponytail. Though this hairstyle suits every outfit, you need to keep changing your haircut each time to ensure there is no visible hairline gap between your fringe and hair.

3. Messy Bun With Bangs

Messy Bun With Bangs

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There is something about messy buns that makes everyone look good. Curtain bangs have been a popular hairstyle, and they part your face in two, making it seem slimmer. It can be styled both in curly and straight hair. All you need to do is leave out the bangs and tie your hair in a bun. Then you can curl the bangs loosely and let them fall on the side of your cheeks.

4. Braids With Bangs

Braids With Bangs

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This hairstyle can be done in many ways, and the more creative you are, the better the chances of you coming up with something unique. Baby braids look cute, and you can either plait them individually on each side or simply brush them backward and plait them in a single row backward. This will also keep your bangs from falling on your face.

5. Hair Clips

Hair Clips

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Never underestimate the power of hair accessories, for they are what add the bling look to your hair. For example, if you want your bangs to stay in one place, simply make a side partition to your hair and add two clips on the side. Not only will it look super cute, but it will also hold your hair in place for you. If you don’t want your clips to show, you can look for ones with the same color to your hair, so your hair can stay camouflaged in your bangs.

6. Shag With Bangs

Shag With Bangs

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This haircut never fails you when it comes to hiding overgrown bangs in your hair length. It looks trendy and is absolutely low-maintenance. The bangs that stay are soft and patterned, adding an artistic look to you. This hairstyle also favors your fine hair and does not have much volume to flaunt. The irregular hair length creates the illusion of thicker hair.

7. The Hairband

The Hairband

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Now say you have not taken our advice and tried to cut bangs on your own. We will try to stay optimistic, but chances are it’s not how you envisioned it. So instead of staying at home and pretending to not exist, you can use a hairband to have your fringes pushed back till your hair grows. Get a thick hair band, preferably made from cloth that will cover the entire length of the bang and leave you with a push-back hair look. Then, as soon as it grows out, you can be back with the above hairstyles.

No matter what haircut you choose, depending on your hair texture and growth, it won’t stay the same for long. Chances are your hair will grow up unevenly and change the whole look you had opted for. So, while bangs are the perfect hairstyle to take years away from your face, they must also be done carefully. If your hairstylist doesn’t feel confident about giving you the haircut, don’t force it on yourself. There are many other haircuts you can go for if not bangs. So, what did you think of our suggestions on managing overgrown bangs? Let us know in the comments section!

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