Harry Potter Makeup Products That Will Make You Say “Merlin’s Beard!”

Yes, Harry’s stories have ended. We all fought by him side by side, waiting at 6 am in front of a bookstore for a fresh copy of the new book every year. We lined up outside the movie theatres, trying to catch the adventure on the first day. That’s how much it meant to us. Harry’s story might have ended, but spirits burns strong in our hearts, and that’s something I don’t think will ever change. The products below are a real treat for Potterheads who also happen to be makeup enthusiasts. Get ready to apparate to Diagon Alley, my dear witches and wizards!

Hold on to your wizard hats as you gaze upon…

This incredible glitter pigment..

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First of all, lets just take a moment to look at that gorgeous packaging. I’m a sucker for how the products look even before using them. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but hey, I can’t help it! The glitter pigment itself is a beautiful deep purple and can be worn on the eyes, or where ever tickles your fancy!

These makeup brushes that look like a unicorn’s horn(No unicorns were harmed in the making of these brushes)…

Image: Instagram

I just had a run in with Newt Scamander himself, and assured him that absolutely no unicorns were harmed while these brushes were being made. If I was talented enough to find a unicorn, I would’ve been a big shot at the ministry by now, don’t you think? I may never be able to witness a unicorn in this lifetime, but I can definitely own these brushes and I will!

This magical nailpolish that looks like the view from the astronomy tower…

Image: Source

Okay, sign me up for this. This color is absolutely gorgeous. The moment I laid eyes it, I knew it had to be made up of something purely magical. And what’s more magical than looking up at the brilliant night’s sky at the top of the highest place at howarts-the astronomy tower.

This Sytherin-like green eyeshadow…

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For all you folk in slytherin, you know this draws to you. In fact, you can be from any house and still think that this color is pretty damn cool, and who wouldn’t? A cool toned emerald pigment with hues of gold; this is a beautiful shade which would make any eye color pop.

This adorable makeup bag…

Image: Source

I’ll be right back, I’m quickly adding this to my shopping cart, because how can I not?! It’s so adorable! Imagine carrying this super cute item everywhere you go with all your makeup in it. It’s the perfect size to carry your essentials on a daily basis or for a small trip.

This patronus lipbalm that will protect you from the likes of dementors and chapped lips…

Image: Source

Dry lips? Dementor around the block? The solution to all your problems is in this one lip balm! Expecto Patronum! Keep your lips well moisturized with this cute lipbalm. I have actually tried this one out myself and can I just say, that I absolutely love it! Definitely getting myself more of this since I have to make a trip to Azkaban soon. For what reason you may ask? That, I’m I afraid, I can’t say. It’s official business you see.

This eyeshadow palette that reminds us of a certain Defense Against The Dark Arts professor…

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There’s a full moon on the rising. Keep your eyes and ears open and whatever you do, stay out of the forbidden forest. If you’re anything like our favorite trio and don’t pay heed to warnings, you’re going to have a run-in with a certain wolf and a black dog. You’re definitely in for a lot trouble. This eyeshadow palette however is plain beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I would want to stare at it instead of actually using it.

These cute nail decals…

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All you nail art enthusiats hold onto your broomsticks. These adorable decals are definitely worth checking out. I know I want to! I honestly don’t know how I’d get any work done if I had these on my nails. I would just keep staring at them all throughout the day!

This highlighter kit that makes you look like a magical creature…

Image: Source

Unicorns. Magnicficent creatures aren’t they? We were introduced to this beautiful creature in the very first book/film, when Harry faces Voldemort for the first time in the forbidden forest. We don’t actually get to see a unicorn but we can imagine how enchanting the creature must be. Just like this exquisite highlighting palette. The colors are so freaking pretty! Give me all of it!

These AMAZING makeup wand brushes that will transport you to Howarts…

Image: Instagram

Okay, I’ve been holding off the best for last. Look at this glorious work of art. Makeup brushes that look like wands- I didn’t know how much I needed it till I actually saw that it was an actual thing that was happening. I can finally feel like I have magic when I do my makeup. If that isn’t a potterhead and makeup enthusiasts dream, then I don’t know what is.

In the spirit of the new film, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’, this list puts us all in quite the high spirit, don’t you think? If you haven’t watched it already, please do so as soon as possible, because wowza! It’s brilliant, funny, adventurous, thrilling and magical. Plus, it’s in the wizarding world, what more reason do you need? I’m about to go watch it for the second time, and I’m probably going to be the person with all of the makeup mentioned above smeared onto my face because I can’t help but buy them all! *Apparates away*

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