11 Healthy Habits In A Marriage That Show You’re In It For The Long Haul

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If you ask happily married couples how they make their marriage work, they’ll have a variety of suggestions and advice to offer. Marriage takes a lot of hardwork and is about so much more than loyalty, commitment and honesty. While the occasional romantic getaway and over the top gift might be nice to receive, when it comes down to it, the little things that you do on a daily basis is what keeps the flame alive. So with a lot of research and observation, we at StyleCraze have put together a list of 11 habits that every healthy marriage should have:

1. Follow A No Phones In Bed Rule

Follow A No Phones In Bed Rule


Technology has truly taken over these days. From ordering groceries to booking your next flight to your parents place, everything can be done at the click of a button. We’re so used to technology following us wherever we go, that we may not realize that we are ignoring our partner and not living in the moment. Consider following a “no phones in the bed” rule, as it may not only improve your sleep, but also your marriage.

2. Try Something New At Least Once A Month

Try Something New At Least Once A Month


Shared experiences can deepen your emotional and physical connection and is a great way for you and your partner to unwind. Your partner and you can go visit a restaurant you’ve never been to earlier, or you could visit a new festival in the city or even try a new workout class together.

3. Work Towards Having A Shared Goal

Work Towards Having A Shared Goal


A great way for you and your partner to strengthen your bond is by having shared goals. Whether it is work-related goals, financial goals, plans for the future or goals for your children, you should get together and develop a plan of action. Keeping all of this in mind will help you and your partner understand the importance of teamwork.

4. Take Some Time Out To Check In With Your Partner Daily

Take Some Time Out To Check In With Your Partner Daily


If you want your marriage to stay healthy, you should take some time out during or after your day to indulge in some digital-free communication with your partner. Set some time out to speak without being distracted by the TV or phone and focus on the positives.

5. Let Your Partner Know When You’re Thinking Of Them

Let Your Partner Know When You’re Thinking Of Them


Even something as simple as a text can have a profound effect and brighten your partner’s day. This will let your partner know that you miss them and want to be around them. It helps them feel special.

6. Do Something Small Daily To Show Them You Love Them

Do Something Small Daily To Show Them You Love Them


The saying, “Actions speak louder than words’ ‘ is especially true when it comes to someone’s marriage. After a point, the “I love yous” become mundane and you want to try something new. Leaving a cute love note in their lunch box or giving them their favorite chocolate when they come back from work might seem simple, but it would make their day!

7. Ask Them About Their Feelings

Ask Them About Their Feelings


Even if your partner and you are open with one another, asking them how they are feeling and about their emotional state can make a huge difference. Of course, you should ask non-prying questions such as “How are you doing?” and “How is your project going?”, as these are brilliant ways to understand how they are feeling and to learn how to support them.

8. Make Time For Intimacy

Make Time For Intimacy


Not everybody has the inclination or the time to make getting intimate a part of their daily routine. However, there are other ways you and your partner can keep the flames alive between the two of you. You can simply stroke their arm, or rub their back after a long day or even give them a prolonged kiss.

9. Give Them Compliments

Give Them Compliments


A small complement can go a long way and it definitely helps with keeping your relationship healthy. Whether it’s something as simple as complementing their outfit or telling them you are proud of all of their accomplishments. These small moments make a major difference in how secure your partner feels about the marriage.

10. Surprise Each Other Often

Surprise Each Other Often


You don’t always have to buy your partner lavish gifts to keep the spark alive but cute and tiny gifts can make them feel super happy. Even the smallest of gestures can have a profound impact on your marriage. You could even surprise them by taking their car to the carwash and making things easier for them.

11. Don’t Hold Onto Grudges

Don’t Hold Onto Grudges


Mistakes will be made often and fights will be pretty common, but the important thing is that you learn to accept and forgive. Holding onto things that have occurred in the past will only lead to you feeling miserable and taking it out on your partner. So if you feel any grudge or resentment towards your partner, you should discuss it, work through it and move on with your life.

Making each other a priority, taking time to communicate and spending time together can build your relationship up and help you maintain a happy relationship. So what are some of your most loved healthy marriage habits? Tell us everything in the comments down below!

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