14 Healthy Habits That We Want To Borrow From Royals

Written by Indrani Karmakar

If you have been following Royal families worldwide, you will know that they have emerged as the epitome of grace and perfection. Be it their looks, interaction with media, dressing, or walking, they are absolutely flawless, even in their day-to-day activities. We may have envied them for their lavish lifestyle, but now it’s time we learn from them. You might think the media is deceiving, but the Royals have to attend many meetings in person, and their appearance speaks loud of the healthy lifestyle they follow. Royals follow their own strict routines, which help them stay fit and healthy. Read on to know what they are.

1. Princess Charlene, A Great Swimmer

Before becoming a royalty member, Princess Charlene from Monaco was an Olympic-level swimmer. Even after taking the royal vows, she kept swimming as her favorite way to keep fit. Swimming is an excellent cardio exercise, and it improves your muscle strength like no other. She also launched a foundation in 2012 to save people from drowning. It has helped over 300,000 people in 30 different nations to learn how to swim.

2. Kate Middleton’s Planks

Kate is a huge fan of planks to keep her muscles tight and toned. However, she does not stop at the basic plank. She also does the prone skydive and side plank, which she holds up to 45 seconds each after repeating them 10 times. Who is up for some planks now?

3. Eating Healthy

Kate Middleton is also famous for her all raw diet. She loves filling her plate with foods like watermelon salad, goji berries, ceviche, tabbouleh almond milk, and gazpacho.

4. Prince William’s Secret

Being a prince means being busy with work always, but Prince William’s secret to maintaining his fitness comes from his rule of five exercise. He has five exercises that target the five main muscles of his body and help him strengthen and maintain them.

5. Hit The Pavement

This is relatively common, but every Prince and princess worldwide has a thing for walking and running. Even though most don’t have the leisure to take long walks around the park, they have accepted pavement walking as a part of their workout regime.

6. Fish Rich Diet

Queen Letizia of Spain follows a strict Perricone diet. This diet is full of anti-inflammatory foods, including forest fruits, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh salmon, and green vegetables. We can see the results with the bounce of light from her radiant skin.

7. Pro Protein Diet

Queen Letizia also believes in keeping the protein intake high in her diet. Getting healthy doses of protein will help you feel fuller and keep unwanted calories at bay. She also eats a three-egg omelet for her breakfast every day.

8. Be Active And Stay Active

Princess Victoria of Sweden has done the impossible of running around The Royal Palace in Stockholm in heels! Yes, you read that right! She is strict about her workout regime and believes you can find a way to keep yourself fit no matter what you do in your day.

9. Go Easy On The Happy Hour

Being a royal doubles your chances for meeting people and celebrating with champagne glasses in hand. But the Prince advises refraining from drinking too much alcohol and giving your body ample time to detox.

10. Gear Up For A Marathon

Princess Beatrice was the first royal to participate in a marathon in 2010 when she completed the London marathon. She has always been in practice and urges people to challenge themselves through such participation.

11. Make Eggs A Part Of Your Diet



The royal family digs eggs like no other. Prince Charles has soft-boiled eggs for breakfast and then gets eggs for snacks any time he likes. Not only is it absolutely yummy, but it contains the perfect amount of proteins and fats that will help you stay healthy and keep your muscles fit.

12. Simple Home Food



You might think royals indulge in hefty and rich meals every day, but the reality is quite different. The Queen eats at banquets but sticks to healthier options like poached eggs, vegetables, and salad only.

13. The Chocolate Treat



The Queen is a huge fan of chocolate. The darker, the better! It has a lot of nutritious value and probably helps her fight her sugar cravings!

14. Eat Organic



Prince Charles vouched for organic food much before it was a trend. Organic food is obviously healthier than the ones grown with pesticides. He makes sure everything is grown naturally and without any use of chemicals.

So now that you know what goes behind being perfect of Royals, it sure is a bit of an assurance that even you can try to do it if you want to. All you need to do is make up your mind and give it a head start, and the rest will follow. So, do you have any favorites when it comes to following the royal fitness regime? Let us know in the comments section!

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