13 Heart Tattoo Designs To Copy Right Now

Written by Shivani K

Most of us think of a heart tattoo to be extremely corny but that’s not the case now you see. Heart tattoos are gaining momentum and when you open the Instagram application on your phone and type “#hearttatoo” you’ll be blown away looking at thousands of heart tattoos in various creative designs. And the most common of all are the tiny heart tattoos which everybody goes ga-ga about these days. Tattoos are special to everybody who gets it done. While there can be a few of them who get inked just for the heck of it, there are many who have a deeper meaning to every tattoo that they’ve etched upon themselves.

And in the world of tattoos, it’s the heart tattoo that has never gone out of fashion. Everybody relates to a heart tattoo in some way or the other. And why won’t they, right? It’s the matter of the heart after all! Here are 21 heart designs that will make you aww. Go ahead and screenshot them if you like them and use it as an inspiration if you plan on getting a heart tattoo anytime soon.

1. Tiny Shoulder Tattoo

bellathorne / Instagram

Bella Thorne, an American actress, and singer got this tattoo done and calls it “baby tat” because of its size. It’s a simple outline of a heart tattoo. What we love the most about this is the placement of this tattoo, right on the front side of the shoulder.

2. Flower Heart On Arm

cocowildarttattoo / Instagram

This tattoo is very simple, yet so unique. The tiny flowers with the background filled transport you to a flower garden, quite literally, don’t you think?

3. Heart Whispers

scotthilltattoo / Instagram

You don’t need anyone to whisper “I Love You” in your ears when you have a cute heart tattoo inked this way.

4. Hearts Are Never Equal

ugly_kid_kowitz / Instagram

This tattoo gives out the most important realization one must have in life — that when no two people can be the same, nor can their hearts be the same. That is why love also comes with terms like adjustment, compromises, etc.

5. Washed Red Heart

0one_tattoo / Instagram

Most of us have seen people get a broken heart tattoo. But this one is unique isn’t it, this heart tattoo makes us feel like it has been through a lot and is still surviving in spite of being washed out.

6. Rainbow Hearts

ls_tattoos / Instagram

This fine line, minimal heart tattoos that are aligned in a single line is a stand out for sure. The rainbow colors of the tattoo signify the colorful nature of the person it’s inked on. It can also be seen as a form of support for the LGBT community.

7. Nationality Of Hearts

daniellevetter / Instagram

Gone are the days when you inked your partner’s and your name on your body. Especially when your partner and you are from two different nationalities! Get your country flags tattooed together in a heart is such a noble idea. Agree, or not?

8. Geometric Or Flower Heart? Both!

david_skinart / Instagram

If you’re a person who loves precision like the geometric figures. And you’re also someone who has a feminine side too, someone who absolutely loves everything floral. When you have your heart on two things, get yourself a heart tattoo like this one that defines you best, both ways.

9. Heart On Your Thigh


There are people who get their partner’s names inked on their private body parts, but we bet nothing could get as unique and weird as this, right? If you like doing uncommon things, then how wearing a heart tattoo on your thigh than on your sleeve or wrist or anywhere else?

10. Heart Tattoo On Your Ring Finger


It’s an age-old norm for couples to exchange rings when they decide to the knot. How about getting a heart tattoo on your ring fingers instead? It saves you the worry of losing your engagement ring. The heart tattoo is permanent, just like your love for your SO.

11. The Minimalist Heart

inktourist / Instagram

If you’re a sucker for minimalist designs and are looking for an ideal minimalist heart tattoo design, then your search for it should end with this one.

12. Forever Heart Broken

If you want to go a little dramatic and artistic at the same time with a broken heart tattoo, then get your inspiration from this one. We love the eyes and the hair details of this one, there’s so much depth to it.

13. Paw Heart Tattoo

ninarockink / Instagram

The best way to tell the world how much you love your four-legged love is by getting a tattoo like this. Paw tattoos make everybody go aww… The watercolor splash only adds to the already perfect paw tattoo.

Considering that these heart tattoos come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and even colors, this modern heart tattoo trend is surely here to stay. So, which one did you screenshot now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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