Use Guava Leaves To Beat Wrinkles, Acne, Dark Spots And Skin Allergies

by Chandrama Deshmukh

Guava isn’t usually considered a fruit good for anything besides taste. However, the fruit has managed to showcase its amazing health benefits, especially when it comes to skin treatment. We don’t commonly find guavas in homes, but they possess medicinal properties that make them useful in every household. The fruit is filled with nutrients like vitamins A and C, and minerals, namely copper, magnesium, and manganese. We commonly think that fruits like oranges are rich in vitamins and we tend to associate bananas with a lot of potassium. Little did we know that guava is a fruit that has more of both vitamins and minerals!

Many people go through the problems of dark spots, wrinkles, acne, and blemishes and end up getting frustrated in finding the right remedy. Guava is great news for such folks as it’s not as expensive as those cosmetic treatments and dermatological creams. The benefits of guava as a natural, cost-effective, and efficient home remedy come in handy when taking care of various kinds of skin ailments.

Here are some guava home remedies that are recommended by experts for skincare:

1. No More Wrinkles


You may not have heard this before, but the leaves of guava are better than the fruit. The guava leaves contain antioxidant properties that are effective in removing any free radicals that exist in our system, thereby preventing premature aging (1). The rich nutritional value of these leaves proves to be helpful in keeping wrinkles at bay and ensures that your skin stays smooth and healthy. So, bid adieu to fine lines and wrinkles and say hello to glow.

The guava fruit leaves also consists of compounds that are known to aid in skin toning and provide wrinkle-free treatment. The ‘lycopene’ that is present in guavas protects the skin and restores its health and luster. This compound is responsible for guarding your skin against the damaging UV rays and allows you to be out in the sun without ever worrying about your skin.

2. Acne Removal


Furthermore, the guava leaves fight bacteria and have anti-inflammatory properties too (2). The anti-bacterial quality of the leaves makes it difficult for any germs to enter your skin and cause acne. Additionally, the skin becomes smooth with regular application thereby making the pimples disappear gradually. Furthermore, guava leaves are also reliable when it comes to skin reactions and allergies.

3. No More Dark Spots


Tired of constantly facing skin pigmentation and dark spots? You can count on guava leaves to help brighten damaged skin and relieve dark spots that often interrupt the smoothness and glow of your skin. The leaves also act as toning agents that bring relief to any cases of irritation or unwanted bacteria.

To use them effectively, mash the leaves and put some on your acne and dark spots. After 10 to 15 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water. You should try and apply this remedy daily to see best results.

4. Gone Are The Days Of Blackheads


If you want to get rid of your blackheads, all you have to do is blend some guava leaves with distilled water, then apply it as a scrub on the area around your nose and T-zone, where most blackheads tend to arise. Follow this treatment twice per week for best results.

5. Take Care Of Atopic Dermatitis


Another great use of guava leaves is their ability to reduce the redness and irritation often caused by atopic dermatitis (3). The leaves contain compounds that block allergies and help in preventing the release of histamine – a chemical that is produced in your body once you’ve had an allergic reaction. All the allergy symptoms you know, including sneezing, itching, swelling, and panting happens due to this chemical.

Atopic dermatitis is a skin condition faced by many, and often those who go through it are unable to find an effective solution. In case you have experienced this condition, then a simple remedy of guava leaves will work like magic. All you need are a handful of dried guava leaves, which you can add to a pot of boiling water. Once the water turns light brown, you can remove the pot from the stove and cool it down as it gets more concentrated. Once the water is ready, apply the liquid all over the face or just the area that is affected by the allergy. Use a cotton pad for application. Wait for fifteen minutes, then rinse your skin with clear water. The allergic reaction will disappear, especially if you repeat this procedure twice every week.

So, now you know that guava isn’t just good for eating. The guava leaves are just as amazing as the fruit itself. You can eat guava fruit to maintain your body and well-being and use the leaves for beautiful glowing skin.

Now, you can finally bid goodbye to all the wrinkles, irritation, redness, or acne that have been troubling you for ages. No more expensive beauty treatments and harsh chemicals that damage your skin, wallet, and morale. Bring some guava leaves into your skincare regime, and you’re sorted! Just remember that consistency is the key to natural remedies. Stay beautiful!

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