Ladies, Here’s What Your Breast Shape Says About Your Personality!

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While some of us swear by astrology, there are many amongst us who think that this is bogus. The same can be said for palmistry as well. While many of us just love the idea of our futures being mapped out to read right on the surface of our palms, many of us are not too swayed or convinced by this and prefer to stay away from such concepts. At best, it can be said that opinion on such things are divided, with no side having any proof of whether it is absolutely accurate or absolutely nonsensical. Even tarot card readings and angel readings tend to fall in this category.

But has anyone ever told you that your breast shape, much like the lines on your palms, can say a lot about your personality? Interesting, isn’t it? I mean, whether you like to believe it or not, isn’t it an interesting concept altogether, that the shape of your breasts can actually speak volumes about who you are? We don’t know if we are more intrigued or more horrified by this revelation! I mean, it is kind of scary to think that just by looking at our external features, our internal qualities, like our personality, can actually become obvious, even to a stranger? How accurate do you think this could be?

Before we proceed any further, however, we would like you to take a very close look at this picture below. Look at it carefully and take your time to observe it, then tell us which one is closest to the way you see yourself every morning when you are getting dressed. Ready? Great, look at the picture now!

1. If You Are Option 1

A sports bra worn over small sized breasts. If this is how your breasts look like, this means that you are someone who likes to stay home and not go out and party. You are more likely the archetypical ‘introvert’ who would rather stay home and read a book, or meditate, or simply cook and go to bed, rather than spend time socializing or going out. You prefer the company of books over humans, which is not a bad thing entirely, and on any given day, you’d rather just stay in.

2. If You Are Option 2

A deep cut bra over full breasts. You are a confident woman who revels in her own sexiness! You are independent and love being the boss. You also have a distinct personality and come across as a determined and strong-willed person, which you most definitely are. You do tend to get too stubborn at times, but that’s okay – your other personality traits easily make up for this one deficiency, for the lack of a better word.

3. If You Are Option 3

A sports bra worn over medium sized breasts. You are the encourager of the group who just loves to hear people out and then give them advice and encouragement. You love being the agony aunt and you simply cannot hold yourself back from pushing them to do more when you see someone who has the potential to be so much more. You also like to keep yourself up-to-date with the happenings of the world and are progressive in your general outlook towards life.

4. If You Are Option 4

A sports bra worn over grape shaped breasts. This indicates that you are the sunshine of your group. You are extremely optimistic and always have a positive outlook towards life. You never judge people and are always concerned with what’s right about them – not what’s wrong with them. Everyone loves your company and your banter because you are so much fun to be around!

5. If You Are Option 5

A halter-neck bra over full breasts. If this is what you see in the mirror every morning, this means that you are a kind and sensitive soul who is always attuned to what the people around you are going through. You always strive for peace and do not like it when that peace is disturbed. You do your best to keep away all negative elements from affecting you and the people around you, and you can go to great lengths to ensure that this happens.

Because you are sensitive to the people around you, it also makes you automatically sympathetic as well as empathetic and you make their joys as well as sorrows and troubles your own. And this kindness doesn’t just extend to humans but also to animals and the world at large. For you, peace and harmony in this world is the most important thing.

6. If You Are Option 6

A V-neck sports bra worn over medium sized breasts. If an element could be used to describe you, it would be fire! You are all about passion, passion, and more passion. And just like the warmth of a fire, the warmth of your passionate nature spreads to everyone around you. Your charm is unquestionable and it makes people fall in love with you ever so easily. Even friends find it very, very hard to resist your charm and are always around you.

So, what do you think? Intriguing or just too farfetched and fanciful? Let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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